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  • Netflixeando: 10 Latino Films You Should Stream on Netflix

    Posted by on July 23, 2014


    BY Vanessa Erazo

    How many times have you gone to Netflix wanting to watch something but got completely overwhelmed by the options. Or, you try to look for a good Latino movie but — how the hell do you find them? You might look in the “Foreign Movies” section or under “Foreign Language” for films from Latin America but there’s no U.S. Latino movies there. Since they are in English, they aren’t labeled foreign and hence are hard to find, unless you know the exact title you are looking for. Well, that’s why we’re here. We’ve scoured Netflix and watched all the crap movies so you don’t have to.

    This is a special edition list: for this weird post-World Cup / immigration hysteria era that we find ourselves in. Here are 10 Latino movies to help you better understand immigration and/or cure your PWCD (post-World Cup Depression).

    In case you’ve been watching the news and this whole unaccompanied minor immigration “crisis” has got you confused, here are 5 Latino movies that will shine a light on how and why these kids are fleeing their home country…

    Innocent Voices

    Based on a true story, this moving film follows a young boy who must choose between enlisting in the Salvadoran army and joining a band of guerrillas. Set during the civil war of the 80s, it’s a peek into the lasting legacy that U.S. intervention has had in Central America.


    La Camioneta

    Every day dozens of decommissioned school buses leave the United States on a southward migration that carries them to Guatemala, where they are repaired, repainted, and resurrected as the brightly colored camionetas that bring the vast majority of Guatemalans to work each day. Since 2006, nearly 1,000 camioneta drivers and fare collectors have been murdered for either refusing or being unable to pay the extortion money demanded by local Guatemalan gangs. La Camioneta follows one such bus on its transformative journey.



    Narco Cultura

    This documentary explores the interaction between the musical genre of narcocorridos, popular in both the United States and Mexico, and the violent drug trafficking culture that it draws inspiration from.


    Which Way Home

    This Academy Award-nominated documentary follows three children who make a dangerous trek through Mexico en route to the U.S. border, atop the dangerous train known as ‘la bestia,’ in hopes of reuniting with their parents.


    The Dream is Now

    This short 30-minute documentary tells the moving story of the undocumented children of immigrants who yearn to contribute more to the country they call home.


    In case you still have Post-World Cup Depression, here are 5 Brazilian movies, some about soccer some not. For whatever feels you got…

    Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos

    The rise and colossal fall of the New York Cosmos, the team that brought Brazilian soccer superstar Pelé to America, as seen against the backdrop of New York in the 1970s. Steel-willed Cosmos owner Steve Ross made it a priority to bring soccer to the forefront of American popular culture, but with the sport’s new-found higher profile in America came a new set of problems: drugs, greed, and plenty of behind-the-scenes drama.



    Rodrigo Santoro stars as Heleno de Freitas, one of Brazil’s greatest soccer stars. Beautiful, stylish, and incredibly gifted on the pitch, Heleno’s life would be undone by his personal demons. Arrogant, temperamental, and prone to drug abuse, he fell victim to all the temptations his worldwide fame had to offer. Exquisitely photographed in black and white, the film brings to life the glamour of postwar Latin America.


    This is Not a Ball

    In the months before the 2014 World Cup, artist Vik Muniz examines the global passion for soccer while creating a work made of 10,000 soccer balls.


    Elite Squad

    In this gritty action-thriller, some Rio de Janeiro cops are just as crooked as the drug lords who run the slums. On the brink of retirement — and burnout — Capitão Nascimento must find a trustworthy successor to lead a dangerous mission.


    City of God

    Growing up in a Rio de Janeiro slum, Rocket is able to avoid being drawn into a life of drugs and crime by having a passion for photography. It’s a contemporary Brazilian classic, if you haven’t already seen it — you need to watch it now.

    Check this out at Remezcla


  • 5 things Hollywood learned about Latino moviegoers this summer

    Posted by on July 23, 2014



    For kids in school, summer is typically spent catching up on reading lists and assigned homework between hours spent at the swimming pool and with friends at summer camp (not necessarily in that order). But many professionals working in the entertainment industry—whether as producers, journalists, actors, or producers—spent this summer learning about Latino moviegoers. (That’s largely thanks to an exclusive series on Hispanic film consumers published at TheWrap.)

    From the growing importance of Hispanic females at the box office to the expanding movie preferences of Latino film fans, here are a few essential—takeaways about Hispanics that got Hollywood’s attention this summer.

    1. Hispanic women over age 25 are the most frequent moviegoers. Summer films like Transformers: Age of ExtinctionGodzilla and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are meant to capitalize on the appetites of young, mostly male audiences, but it turns out that Latina movie lovers headed to the movies more this summer often than any other age or ethnic group. According to a study conducted for The Wrap by market research firm C4, about 20 percent of Hispanic women watched this summer’s major releases—and in every case except for The Fault in Our Stars, those buying movie tickets were over the age of 25.

    2. Hispanic audiences go to movies of all genres. Horror and family flicks used to be considered standard money makers among Latino audiences (the smash success of Guillermo del Toro’s Mama and the Lego movie were largely driven by Hispanic audiences). This summer, hits like 22 Jump Street (a comedy), Fault in Our Stars (a drama) and Edge of Tomorrow (a thriller) were all heavily attended by Latinos, who made up at least 20 percent of the opening week audience—proving that just like in political elections, their preferences aren’t monolithic.

    3. Twenty is a magic number. When it comes to Hispanic movie lovers, that is. According to Nielsen/Univision research conducted for The Wrap, Latino ticket buyers are now Hollywood’s most valuable audience, accounting for at least 20 percent of ticket sales opening weekend for the highest-grossing movies in May and June. “You don’t have a major hit without Hispanic moviegoers,” Chris Aronson, Fox’s president of domestic distribution, told TheWrap.

    And consider this: Latinos purchased 25 percent of the tickets sold in 2013 in the U.S. though they account for just 17 percent of the U.S. population, according to a study published by the Motion Picture Association of America last year. Those statistics are the driving force for a growing number of creative agencies that specialize in helping studios market films to Hispanic moviegoers, who tailor media campaigns to appeal to an audience that cares deeply about culture, family-friendly content, and Spanish-language media.

    4. Tacos and margaritas now mean big money for cinemas. It’s no secret that overpriced popcorn and Big Gulp-sized drinks earn major dollars for movie theaters, but a diversified menu at the concession stand is a big draw for Latino moviegoers. Fajitas, chicken wraps, tacos, dishes spiced with chipotle peppers, and specialty cocktails are now available at AMC’s 15 dine-in theaters nationwide, part of an industry-wide push for diverse dining choices and alcohol offerings that aims to capitalize on the fact that Hispanic moviegoers overindex in their purchase of concessions and alcohol.

    “Our dine-in theaters, while not specifically targeting a certain demo, have a seasonal menu that would line up closer to a Hispanic moviegoing population in terms of food,” AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan explained to TheWrap.

    5. The Latino presence in film—both in front of the camera and behind the scenes—remains alarmingly low. Despite the presence of Latinos in summer films like like Sex Tape (starring Cuban-American actress Cameron Diaz) and The Purge: Anarchy (with its predominantly Latino cast), there are “fewer Latino lead actors in the entertainment industry today, than there were seventy years ago,” a recent study by the Columbia University Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race shows.

    And it gets worse: When Latinos are on camera, they are typically portrayed in roles that lean heavily on stereotypes—Latinos are often cast as criminals, law enforcers, cheap labor, and hypersexualized beings, the study found. And according to the study, when it comes to behind-the-scenes talent, Hispanics account for just 2.3 percent of movie directors, about 2 percent of producers, and 6 percent of writers.

    “The success of a few Latino stars has created a widespread perception that media diversity in the U.S. is significantly improving,” said Frances Negrón-Muntaner, director of Columbia’s Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race and the study’s lead researcher in a statement. “But our findings indicate that, in some ways, it is getting worse.”

    Check this out on Entertainment Weekly.

  • NALIP 2012 Estela Award Winner and Member, Patricia Martinez De Velasco Releases “AQUI ENTRE NOS” on DVD

    Posted by on July 23, 2014


    Nalip Member And Estela Award Winner 2012, Patricia Martinez De Velasco, Is Having Her Film “Aqui Entre Nos” (Between Us) Released On Dvd In The Us.

    La Banda Films is proud to announce the release of “AQUI ENTRE NOS”, in Spanish with English subtitles, on DVD in mayor stores nation wide.

    “Aquí entre Nos”, produced by Roberto Sneider, written and directed by Patricia Martínez de Velasco, was one of the most talked about films of the year and a box office hit in Mexico. It’s an Award Winning comedy that speaks freely about family problems with humor and intelligence.

    The film contains riveting performances by an all-star cast: Jesús Ochoa (Man on fire, Por ella soy Eva, Libre para amarte), Carmen Beato (Ariel Best Actress for “Aro Tolbukhin”) and Diana García (Sin Nombre) among others.

    Patricia was chosen by NALIP to be the 2012 ESTELA Award narrative winner. "This award is given to a talented Latino filmmaker that has distinguished himself/herself through their work to date and whose achievements reveal leadership, creativity and tenacity, as well as vision and passion for his/her craft."


    “The picture has just the right commercial elements and broad comic tone to translate to solid B.O. numbers." Variety

    "It strikes an intimate chord."   Nexos

    "AQUI ENTRE NOS proves that when there’s a film that’s worth it, the audience is going to support it."   Vanguardia


    You can order it by calling: 1-866-444-5550 or via email: [email protected]


  • Hollywood Networking Breakfast

    Posted by on July 23, 2014


    “EVERYTHING You’ve Wanted to Know About CREATING and SELLING NEW MEDIA CONTENT But Didn’t Know Whom To Ask"

    Have breakfast and Q&A with an esteemed panel of top “new media” power players in Hollywood from:

    Yahoo,  YouTube, Wigs, Funny Or Die, Idea To Screen, and The Daily O

    LAURA ALLEN,Head of Production, 3rd party original programming, YAHOO!

    Paul Snow, Head, West Coast Entertainment Partnerships, YouTube

    Jake Avnet, COO/Producer, WIGS

    David Beebe, Founder/Producer,"IDEA TO SCREEN"

    Betsy Koch, Executive Producer, Funny Or Die

    Joe Wehinger, Founder/Producer, "The Daily O”

    Note: ALL panelists will do private, "one-on-one" meetings with lucky attendees


    •  Content Creators seeking a digital network to DISTRIBUTE their work

    •  Content creators looking to MONETIZE their projects

    •  Talent looking to STAR in their own web series or project

    •  Writers, Producers, Directors -- any & EVERYONE interested in HOW New Media is conquering & changing the entertainment landscape -- whether you are just starting out or are an established professional looking to get to the next level!!


    IMPORTANT!!!! ALL PANELISTS will do private “one-on-one” meetings with lucky attendees.

    DATE & TIME: THURSDAY, July 31st from 8:00am-10:30am

    Raleigh Studios

    5300 Melrose Ave, LA, CA 90038

    RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Full buffet breakfast. $5 discount off the regular on-time price of $45 for first-time attendees from THIS list (i.e. $40- mail-in only -- Changing Images in America, P.O. Box 2688, Hollywood, CA 90078; deadlines apply).

    READ FULL BIOS, Online Reservations, Breakfast Info, Policies & Guidelines & Private Meeting Guidelines with Breakfast Speakers Here:  It is your responsibility to read/be aware of the policies and guidelines.

  • WGAW Screening: Rob The Mob

    Posted by on July 23, 2014


    Tuesday, July 29 @ 7:30PM

    7000 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor, Multipurpose Room

    Q&A with writer & WGAW LWC member Jonathan Fernandez

     Reception to follow Q&A

    RSVP: [email protected] with “Rob The Mob” in subject line.

    Rob the Mob is the true-life story of a crazy-in-love Queens couple who robbed a series of mafia social clubs and got away with it… for a while… until they stumble upon a score bigger than they ever planned and become targets of both the mob and the FBI). Directed by Raymond De Felitta (City Island), written by Jonathan Fernandez (Crisis in the Kremlin, Star Trek: Enterprise), the film stars Michael Pitt (Seven Psychopaths and TV’s Boardwalk Empire), Nina Arianda (Tower Heist and Midnight in Paris), alongside Andy Garcia (Smokin’ Aces), Michael Rispoli (The Rum Diary and TV’s Person of Interest), Samira Wiley (The Sitter and Orange is the New Black) and Ray Romano (TV’s Parenthood and Everybody Loves Raymond).

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  • Latino Fashion Week

    Posted by · July 22, 2014


    Celebrating its 8th year, with its theme “Beyond Exceptional,” Latino Fashion Week will feature a star studded show Friday, August 1, 2014 at the luxurious Boulevard3, 6523 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.  Designers that will be featured include Emillio O (Nicaragua/LA), Kelvin Giovannie (Puerto Rico), Lazaro Perez (USA), Timoteo (LA), TinataMar (Colombia), and Ximena Valero (Mexico/LA).  The LFW Beyond Exceptional Tour will benefit the Unlikely Heroes Organization.

    NALIPsters use promo code: NALIPPASS, to receive 20% off regular priced tickets.




  • FICG in LA Open Call Extended

    Posted by · July 22, 2014


    FICG in LA (Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles) invites Latino and Latin American emerging filmmakers living in the United States or Canada; as well as U.S. and Canadian filmmakers who are working on a feature narrative or documentary film with Latino or Latin American content to apply for the Guadalajara Construye in Los Angeles 1 or DocuLab.1 Los Angeles, which will be held on September 4 and 5, 2014.

    Three projects in each category seeking postproduction finds will be chosen to screen for the jury and film industry professionals at FICG in LA. The festival has secured in-kind services and awards that will be announced in the coming weeks. Two winning projects will automatically qualify to be considered for the work-in-progress sections or for the Ibero-American Competitions of the next edition of the Guadalajara International Film festival (FICG30)-March 6-15, 2015.

    To participate, you must register online by creating an online profile, complete an application form and upload all the required documents and materials that reflect the experience and creative capacity of the applicant. The Selection Committee, composed of recognized industry professionals, will evaluate submissions.

    Application deadline has been extended until July 28, 2014.

    Submission is free.

    Please visit the INDUSTRY page for more information about submitting you project or contract:

    Guadalajara Construye in Los Angeles 1 - [email protected]

    DocuLab.1 Los Angeles - [email protected]