What kind of programs does NALIP offer?


NALIP has an array of national initiatives and programs curated to our diverse community of content creators, including the Latino Lens program under which we have the Latino Lens Workshop series and the Latino Lens Incubators. We also created the Diverse Women in Media Initiative (DWIMI), the Latino Media Fest, and the Latino Media Market held during our annual Media Summit under the Latino Lens umbrella and Mentorship Series. Along with these events, we have created a virtual agency called the Latino Media Resource Project in order to facilitate the connections between our members and top executives. 

Visit our about Programs page to find out more about what each program offers. 

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Do you have to be a producer to become a member?


No, we are open to all content creators! Many of our existing NALIP members work as digital makers, writers, producers, directors, performers, executives, agents, publicist, composers, and production crew. Furthermore, NALIP Members are also students, educators, advocates, emerging professionals, and mid-career or senior professionals. 


What are the benefits of being a NALIP Member?


NALIP provides services that support a member’s professional development including programs and information. We advocate on behalf of Latino(a) media makers on telecommunications issues of importance to the independent producer, and teach media-makers how to advocate on their own behalves.

NALIP maintains a membership office in Los Angeles, California to publish it’s eNewsletter and produce projects. In an effort to stay connected and increase outreach, NALIP Board and Staff members travel to member chapters and regions around the world to support activities, festivals, workshops, and other media convocations. NALIP Staff also cultivate member benefits and discounts available nationally and regionally. Membership levels can be found at http://www.nalip.org under Become a Member.

NALIP maintains a website at http://www.nalip.org that continues to expand as a resource of information on events, opportunities, jobs and, eventually, video resumes and seminar recordings. LMRG records may be updated at the website, including current credits and contact information for NALIP members.

Who are NALIP’s Members?


NALIP has members in 27 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Spain. NALIP members work as digital makers, writers, producers, directors, performers, executives, agents, and all key crew position members including  publicity, casting, composing, and production. Members include students, educators, and advocates. Some are emerging and young professionals; many are mid-career or senior professionals.

NALIP supports English-language Latino media as well as Spanish-language work. Our membership is evenly divided between men and women, most being college educated, and many falling between the ages of 20-35. Many of our members work in documentaries and public television, broadcast and network television, independent and Hollywood features, digital media, mobile media, and community-based media projects.


How do I make suggestions for NALIP programs?


NALIP prides itself on open communication with members and transparency in our processes. Questions or suggestions regarding NALIP programs may be sent in to review at membership@nalip.org.

How is NALIP Funded?


NALIP’s Staff and Board raise the funds necessary to maintain NALIP’s programs, personnel, and office each year. NALIP is supported by foundation grants from the Rockefeller Nathan Cummins and MacArthur Foundations, industry philanthropies like the Academy Foundation and Hollywood Foreign Press Association Foundation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, guild support for the develop of Latino talent including the WGAW, SAG Producers IACF and MPAA. Corporations that have supported NALIP and our programs include HBO, Time Warner, Comcast NBCUniversal Telemundo, The Walt Disney Corporation, Univision, El Rey Network, STARZ, Telemundo, Fox Broadcasting, MTV Networks, and more. For more information on our supporters, please visit our sponsorship page on the NALIP website under the About section. NALIP writes grants and requests for our programs and overhead.  Membership dues comprise a part of NALIP’s income.