Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years NALIP has accumulated members of all positions and levels within the industry from 27 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, and Germany. 

NALIP supports both English and Spanish language Latine media.Members work as filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, performers, executives, agents, and all key crew position members in production. Members also include students, educators, and advocates. Some are emerging and young professionals; others are mid-career or senior professionals.

Latine creators of all talents: Film, Digital, Streaming, Documentary, TV, and Tech Arts have all found support and growth as we acted as liaison between them and key industry professionals.

No, NALIP is dedicated to servicing a wide variety of industry professionals, including but not limited to producers,writers,directors, editors, VFX artists, Production Designers, Executives, Agents, Managers, etc. 

Our programs aim to serve the entirety of the Latine community in media and entertainment, and many of our members are multi-hyphenates who can benefit greatly from the range of programs and resources we provide. 

Our membership program aims to provide diverse creatives with the correct tools, resources, and mentorship to help them advance their careers. Membership perks vary on the type of membership you decide upon but can include: discounted rates to events, waived application fees for select programming, early access to event registration, opportunities to share news about your career, etc. To learn more about our membership visit our Become a Member Page!

You can check out the full list of member benefits & membership tiers at!

Over the last 20+ years, NALIP has developed a variety of programming in order to build community and promote the careers of creators at all levels. 

We have three annual marquee every year that take place in Los Angeles: NALIP Media Summit, Latino Media Fest, and Diverse Women in Media Forum. Additional, programming includes the Latino Media Market and Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative.

Our year-round programming being prioritized through the three legs of our Latino Lens Programming: Incubators, Workshop, and Mentorship. 


NALIP prides itself on open communication with our members and allowing transparency throughout our process. Any questions or suggestions regarding NALIP programs can be made to [email protected]

Membership cost varies by Membership level.There are four main membership levels you can select:

  • Media Maker Basic
  • Media Maker Pro
  • Media Maker Executive
  • Media Maker Organization

Please visit our Become a Member page to find more details about what type of membership will be best for you! 

Our team is doing its best to adhere to CDC guidelines while still maintaining our mission to promote and advance the careers of Latine creators.

One way we have done this is by reaching out to our members via our targeted virtual workshops and workshop series in which we bring together industry professionals and emerging creators alike to discuss the current landscape of our industry. Through these workshops, we aim to highlight, inspire, and provide opportunities for creators and industry professionals to learn from one another and continue moving forward in these unprecedented times.

Additionally, we have moved all of our staple events to a virtual format through which we aim to be as accessible as possible, providing an increased amount of Emerging Content Creators scholarships as well as newly introduced economic waivers.

Moving forward, we will continue to adapt our programming and initiatives to ensure the safety and health of our community.

As a non-profit organization, proceeds from memberships and ticket fees go back into our programming to serve our community. This includes funding our multiple programs, events, scholarships, and mentorship programs.



NALIP Membership is established via one of our 4 tiers of paid memberships. To become a member visit:

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