FAQ: Latino Lens Incubators

What are the Latino Lens Incubators?


Our Latino Lens Incubator Programs are part of our core initiative to help advance content creators in media. Content creators chosen for one of our incubator programs, will undergo a evaluation process by our Latino Lens Evaluation Committee.

If chosen, the content creator will receive a grant to execute their project and receive mentorship with NALIP during the duration of the incubator.

Is there only one incubator?


NALIP offers different incubators based on various initiatives. To find out more about each individual incubator, please check out the other programs that have been announced below.

Incubator programs may alternate each year based on sponsorship.


How much is awarded to create the content?


Each incubator program has different grant amounts, the details of which will not be disclosed until the final round of application process.

Am I allowed to apply to more than one incubator?


We encourage you to submit the strongest concept possible to the incubator program that meets the requirement. As each incubator calls for different specifications.

If you are part of multiple submissions, we highly suggest you hold a different role on another team’s project for each program.

Does my concept have to be Latino-themed?


Each incubator focuses on different concepts. Please check the details regarding the topic/subject allowed.

No; however, concepts with complex lead characters, innovative and compelling storylines, and offer a fresh take on the Latino experience will be highly considered.

Latino Lens does not support concepts based upon stereotypes and/or storylines which portray Latinos in a negative light; must avoid including anything that is offensive to a specific race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group; can not include any defamatory statements; anything which has already been submitted to other programs; completed projects already in post, streaming, or premiered; previously sold or optioned; cannot violate any local, state or federal laws; cannot violate or threaten any business, person, place or group.

Do you accept late submissions?


No. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the submission and evaluation process, all submissions MUST be received by the deadline date.

What are the entry fees?


Entry fees are determined by incubator basis.

How many rounds will there be during the evaluation process?


Generally, the evaluation process is a total of three rounds from start to finish. Each incubator program may vary.

After the first round, how many projects will be invited to apply for the second round?


Between 50-70 depending on the specific incubators individual needs.

What happens if my first round submission is not accepted?


NALIP reserves the right to exclude any submission that it believes, in its sole discretion, doesn’t meet the above criteria or for any other reason at NALIP’s reasonable discretion.

NALIP cannot offer personalized feedback or legal advice.

How do I apply for the second round?


The second round of the incubator is by invitation only. If invited, you will receive an email confirmation with a list of all the materials and information needed for your participation in the Second Round.

Are there any waivers for the second round application fee?


There are no waivers available for 2nd round submissions. Those fees go towards the evaluation committee which is often outsourced.

What is the prefered genre?


All genres are considered. We ask that you simple pay attention to the needs and expectations of the individual incubator in which you are considering to apply.

Is there a limit to the length of submission?


Yes. Those specifications could be found on the webpage for each individual incubator.

Are non-english language entries allowed?


Submission materials should be expected to have an English translation with any Spanish submissions.

Will submission material and/or script be returned to me?


We do not accept any mailed materials. 

Any materials that are sent will not be returned.

How does the selection process work?


All rounds of evaluation will be conducted by a selection of qualified industry professionals. The identity of these committee members will remain anonymous.

Do you need a budget from me if my project was invited past the first round? Why?


An actual or estimated budget summary is requested for each Latino Lens incubator that will produce a motion picture. This allows NALIP staff and the Latino Lens Committee to better evaluate each project.

Are there any stipulations on how to produce the short if I am selected?


Each Latino Lens program has different agreements for participating fellows.

Participants will work with the Latino Lens and NALIP staff, and mentors to work out the best plan on how to produce the project.

NALIP reserves the right to withhold portions of the support if, during a required update or review of the project, certain goals and guidelines previously set are not met.

It is required that each Latino Lens team have all consent, release forms, rights and permissions before moving to the next phase. If the team does not meet this requirement by the end of the pre-production period, then the team will be disqualified.

Selected finalists must provide a financial production report that details the costs and usage of the budget and account for all support. Grantees must also acknowledge NALIP and Latino Lens in the opening and end credits, all promotional material and publicity of the short film project.

Could the final project be disqualified?


Final projects may be subject to disqualification if NALIP reasonably believes there is third party content – not owned by the content creator – that may be the subject of copyright protection or for any other reason at Sponsor’s reasonable discretion. Content that may not be used without prior permission includes, but is not limited to photographic images downloaded from public sources; drawing or images; music of any kind that is not in the public domain (i.e., any music produced after 1926); and voice-over material. Contestant is solely responsible for securing permission to use any copyrighted material and may be required, upon request, to submit proof of ownership or license to NALIP.

Any more questions?


Any more questions can be directed to latinolens@nalip.org

How do I sponsor an incubator?


If you are interested in sponsoring short film incubators or in sponsoring the incubator program, please reach out to lililana@nalip.org and michelle@nalip.org.