The Latino Lens programs, consisting of Incubators, Workshop Series, and Mentorship series, is designed to help diverse filmmakers careers to reach new heights. We understand that having a space to connect and share ideas is an essential element to generating an accurate representation of our community within the industry.

It is through our collective effort to create, promote, and distribute content within these programs that we will be able to inspire and make diverse voices heard.

These programs are held year-round and are open to NALIP members and non-members.


Latino Lens programs:



NALIP’s Latino Lens is an exclusive incubation and media content production program as well as a distribution model of Latino media screenings, festivals and speaker showcases designed to develop, nurture and produce a series of Latino creators’ and filmmakers' projects and showcase their talents as producers, directors, and writers.

We create and develop Latino Lens incubation programs along with our sponsors and partners specifically with an outcome and outlet in mind.




Our Workshop Series gives our members first-hand insight from seasoned professionals within the industry. Come join the conversation at any of our upcoming workshops.



Latino Lens: Mentorship Series

Latino Lens Mentorship Series is a part of the incubator program. Participants and applicants are selected each year, matched with a mentor who consults each participant or project with a great deal of specific input on samples, but once those notes are executed, the artists need additional support to make successful fundraising pitches. We also provide each project with a senior producer mentor who reviews final, revised proposals and budgets, whether for production or post-production, and then helps to finalize the project planning.


Why Latino Lens?

This innovative NALIP incubation and production program initiative comes as a result of needs identified through conversations with members, the NALIP Media Summit, industry leaders’ perspectives, as well as Latino film scholars surrounding NALIP’s commissioned The Latino Media Gap report. With Latino Lens, NALIP looks to build on previous residential instruction programs and growing incubation efforts by executing direct short film production in order to address this increasing Latino media gap.

If you are interested in participating in this incubator or if you are a sponsor outlet ready to create a specificproduction and/or incubator program for your industry, network, studio or organization with NALIP please email us at membership@nalip.org.

Note: As part of our incubator and production mission, we also hold NALIP Access Meetings between advanced NALIP members and industry partners to deliver a curated list of talent and projects one on one or small group basis - as well as a Latino Media Market during the Annual NALIP Media Summit.


If you have more questions about our Latino Lens Program, please check out our FAQ's 



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