Veronica Falcon

Veronica Falcon is an actor, choreographer, producer and writer. Born in Mexico City, she has come to be known as one of the country’s most respected and well-known actors with careers in television, film and theater. Gaining mainstream attention from her work on Everardo Gout’s acclaimed film “Days of Grace,” Falcon went on to become a notable figure in the industry, being nominated in 2014 for a “Silver Goddess Award,” for her work in Carlos Cuaron’s film, “Sugar Kisses.”

To Falcon, representation in the industry is amongst the most important factors that shape young talent, “we are inclusion means we lead with an example, inclusion is a right, it is not a privilege.” Noting the difference in Latinx work in the industry in Mexico versus the United States, she sees the lack of representation as alarming, “when people see themselves, and see their stories, you know it’s important, it empowers them, it makes you feel included.”

Present day, Falcon has been gaining momentum in the United States for her role of “Camila Vargas” in USA Network’s “Queen of the South,” having been nominated for an Imagen Award as Best Supporting Actress in 2017 and 2018. “I was incredibly lucky because I got a preamble, you know these kinds of roles are not common women, much less for Latina women, and much less for Latina women over 51.” Having a career for over three decades, she acknowledges a change in the industry, specifically the growing need for creativity in order to work around a limited budget in a competitive environment. In order to bring more inclusion in the industry she protests production companies need to place more trust in young talent and the fresh ideas they bring, opening their doors to inclusion, equality and respect.

She attended an event and saw the work at NALIP as essential in supporting young talent and women, noting the impact of increasing support within the Latino community. She is happy to participate in the workshops and incubator programs where she shares her passion for female empowerment and the nurturing of talent, finding the most satisfaction from her work by inspiring others.

Having performed in various films, stage productions, and television productions in and outside of Mexico, Falcon is serving as a strong role model to countless aspiring Latinx actors and producers. She encourages new-comers in the industry in staying true to oneself when advancing and making connections, attributing her passion in keeping her drive alive through years of struggle. “Do not label yourself. You are more than just a gender. You are more than just one thing. You are a full human and you are a creator and you are capable of anything you want.”