Throughout the past 21 years, NALIP has evolved as a leader in the promotion and advancement of Latino content creators across media. Every day we are a step closer to changing the media landscape by seeing more images made by and about Latinos. As we continue to grow, we have been fortunate enough to develop an extensive network of people who help us strengthen our influence in the industry through collaboration, and we decided to launch a new campaign to highlight those faces of NALIP.

Whether you're a director, filmmaker or industry executive, your work with our organization has shaped what #WeAreInclusion means.

NALIP has celebrated the convergence of media and diversity in the general market. Now, we want to take it a step further and push for the INCLUSION of diverse stories and people in the industry. We interviewed NALIP members; their answers and personal stories of tenacity, tribulation and triumph inspires us to continue our commitment to inclusion and to widely declare that we are the inclusion that will drive the future of the entertainment industry forward.

#WeAreInclusion is how we move forward in the current media ecosystem. We hope you find inspiration through these stories and that they propel you forward or help you up in the ladder of INCLUSION.


Check out our 2017-18 #WEAREINCLUSION profiles

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