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Robert Cruz

Introducing our esteemed board member and treasurer, Robert Cruz, who seamlessly merges his passion for the arts with an extensive background in finance. As an advisor for the largest wealth management firm in the world at UBS, and with over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, Robert skillfully navigates complex financial matters with precision and ease.

In his role as NALIP Treasurer, Robert is dedicated to effectively and efficiently utilizing financial resources to support Latinx artists and communities nationwide. He has played a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability in our financial operations.

As the child of Peruvian immigrants, Robert has always felt a profound connection to his heritage, which inspires his commitment to giving back to his community. This connection led him to NALIP's mission of empowering Latinx creatives and providing opportunities for success in the entertainment industry.

With his comprehensive background in finance and dedication to promoting equality and inclusiveness, Robert brings a unique perspective to our organization. As a board member, he applies his expertise and passion to guide our financial decisions, ensuring the ongoing success of our mission. We are incredibly grateful to have him on our team and eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will continue to make in the years to come.