NALIP’s 2019 Latino Media Market™ (LMM) is a designed to be a great stepping stone to further the careers of its fellows and their their projects by meeting industry representatives who can provide sound advice on how to foster their project to the next level. If your project meets the specific needs of the company, this can potentially open a window for your project to be commissioned, pre-sale, co-produce, obtain a broadcast license, receive completion funds and/or receive sound advice and mentorship.

Submissions to the 2019 Latino Media Market are now closed.


The Latino Media Market consists of one-on-one meetings for up to 28 selected projects with:

  • Studio & Network Executives
  • Agents
  • Distributors
  • Funders
  • Co-Producers
  • Mentors


NALIP is a national membership organization committed to helping Latinx content creators with their professional goals. This is a unique place to find Latinx emerging talent. We seek to increase the quality and quantity of stories by and about Latinos by providing access to professional development, community building, and mentoring. We promote the advancement, development, and funding of Latinx film and media arts in all genres.


Held on July 26 & 27, 2019 in Hollywood, CA.


The Latino Media Market is a NALIP Signature Program created for NALIP members attending the 2019 NALIP Media Summit with qualified projects in the following categories:

  • Low-Budget Features in Development or Pre-production
  • Documentary Works-in-Progress
  • Scripted TV/Streaming concept/pilot
  • Digital Web Series

How to Apply

Submissions to the 2019 Latino Media Market are now closed.

Deadline to e-mail submissions is Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. The online application must be filled out and saved as a PDF file (please see FAQs on how to create a PDF).

Once the online application is filled out, you must include the following materials and submit to as PDF Files by the deadline:

  • Pitch Package Deck (must include all content listed below).

  • Online 2019 Latino Media Market Application 

  • Media Release Form (Click here)

  • Pay a $50 non-refundable processing fee (includes a basic 6-month NALIP membership). If you are a current Media Maker Basic member or higher prior to January 11th, 2019 then your LMM application fee is waived.

  • Film/ TV/ Digital Web Series Tracks must provide a script or treatment.

Other Requirements:

  • Budget Outline or Top Sheet (MUST be included as PDF)
  • Proof of Payment receipt and Membership verification as a PDF.
  • If accepted, must ATTEND and REGISTER for the 2019 NALIP Media Summit (July 25-28, 2019). Latino Media Market applicants receive a discounted rate for the NALIP Media Summit Pass. If you are unable to attend the NALIP Media Summit, NALIP will fill the spot for the Media Market from the wait list.


Materials to include within the Pitch Package Deck are:

  • Cover slide
  • Summary slide
  • Product slide
  • Tone and Visual slide that can include Key Art, Mock Up Poster
  • Mood Reel
  • Team slide
  • Visual and financial summary of your project
  • Market opportunity slide
  • Financial Investors slide
  • Media links and passwords. Previous works are acceptable media links.
***The Pitch Package deck serves as a tool for the applicant to be creative and condense their project in order to effectively communicate: what the project is about, the audience reach, what it will look like, and opportunities for investors. These are simply ideas as we would like to see the different types of decks NALIP members will submit.


Things to Remember!

Selected projects will be notified by Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019.

LMM Meetings (for selected projects only) will be held during the 2019 NALIP MEDIA SUMMIT.

$50 non-refundable Processing Fee (now includes a six month NALIP membership at the Media Maker Basic Level) must be paid via this link . Proof of payment must be submitted by the deadline. Current paid NALIP members are awarded a waived fee for the application. Fee will be waived to paid NALIP members at the Media Maker, Media Maker Pro, and Media Maker Executive levels. If you have the basic 'Welcome Membership', then you will have to upgrade to a paid membership. If you wish to upgrade to a full year member of NALIP then visit the become a member link. By paying the $50 LMM Processing Fee, your fee will only include a 6 month NALIP membership at the Media Maker Basic level.

Remember to download, sign and attach the RELEASE FORM and submit by the deadline.


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