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ATTENTION FILMMAKERS! Do you have a feature project that is ready for development, financing or distribution? A documentary project that is in production or post-production in need of finishing funds? How about a GREAT concept for an Episodic Series? Or perhaps an awesome podcast?

The LMM™ will connect you with people who can help, mentor, advise, fund, option, or propel your career to the next step. Submit to NALIP’s Latino Media Market!

The Latino Media Market ("LMM") consists of a series of meetings for selected projects. Filmmakers meet one-on-one with industry representatives who provide sound advice in how to advance their projects to the next level. If your project meets the specific needs of the company, this can open a window for your project to grow into a commissioned pilot, obtain a broadcast license or completion funds.

The Latino Media Market happens concurrently with the NALIP Media Summit each summer. 2023's market date will be announced soon! 


Please check back for link when applications open.

The LMM is open to Latine content creators and storytellers who want to get use of the professional development, networking, members' benefits information detailed at NALIP.org. The LMM is also open to non-Latine storytellers and production team members who help tell Latine stories. 

  • Low-budget Narrative Feature Films in Development or Pre-Production
  • Documentary Features/ Docu-series Work-In-Progress
  • Episodic for TV/Streaming Concepts & Pilots
  • Podcasts

A Pitch Deck is a visual and financial presentation of what your project will look like and the goals it has set for itself. This year, we want applicants who have an understanding of where their project lies in the market. You may find many different models on how to prepare a visual pitch deck online. Show us how creative you are! 

  • Online application form
  • Visual Pitch Deck
  • LMM processing fee:
    • $50 non-refundable Processing Fee
  • Media links and passwords:
    • This includes SAMPLE WORK, ROUGH CUTS, as well as KEY ART, MOCK POSTER and must be uploaded on a Vimeo or private YouTube account if a video is provided - Please include the link and password below. Previous works are acceptable media links. Attach media or link to media along with password within the Pitch Package Deck (PDF File).
  • Signed Release form
  • Professional high-resolution headshot 
  • For narrative submissions: Please submit a script
  • For podcasts submissions: Please submit a script and produced sample of the project.
  • Budget Outline and/or Top Sheet. (If applying with episodic, budget for ONE episode)

Yes, we will need to a link of the most recent cut of your film and/or most recent materials to review.

Yes, we welcome returning fellows to apply as well as new applicants.

Please check back shortly.

To create a PDF out of LMM application you must fill out the application, do not click send. Next, go to Print the page. In the Print settings click to 'Save as PDF'. Finally, click send in order to submit your application.


Please check back later.

Please check back later.

Yes, you can submit up to TWO projects. Each project is a separate application and processing fee. If you are a NALIP member, your first application fee is waived.

Yes, you are able to apply and participate in NALIP Programs concurrently, including the Latino Media Market, Latino Lens Incubators, Latino Media Fest Official selection, and others. Please be aware of the requirements for each as they each require different capacities of the participants. 

  • The cost of applying to the Latino Media Market is $50
  • NALIP Media Summit Pass discounted rate is available for the LMM Applicants and participants

Verify your membership by emailing:

[email protected]

Yes, we welcome applications from around the world. Please note that to be considered, all applications must be in English. 

Yes, in order to be considered, all applications must be filled in English. Spanish or other languages can be used in the screenplay, but the overall submission must be in English.