LatAm Content Internship Position

Do you have a keen eye for good story telling? Are you a fan of Spanish language content? Do you really love Telenovelas? If you said yes to all previous questions, this position is just for you! 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Duties and Activities:

Intern will assist in researching Spanish related content-media that will serve as reference for future NALIP Programs. Apart from researching up and coming Spanish talent, the intern will also be conducting in depth research of US Latino writers, directors and producers.

Skills, Knowledge or Other Requirements:

  • Strong interest in the entertainment industry including television, independent film, scripted and digital media.
  • Must be in the know of current US and Latin American Spanish content
  • Should be highly familiar with current US and Latin American talent, directors, writers and producers
  • Bilingual in Spanish-must be able to speak and write fluently in Spanish and English
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to immediately contribute to a team in a fast paced environment 
  • Self motivated, able to take initiative, organized, and detail oriented skills required
  • Previous knowledge and proficiency of database management is highly desired
  • Strong phone and Mac and PC skills. 

Hands-­on Learning:

Volunteer/Intern will learn to successfully develop, coordinate and execute special projects. Will integrate efficient workflows using the latest technologies. Coupled with an excellent hands-on business and career development training, the intern will gain an understanding of how non-profit organizations within the entertainment industry operate. Intern will have the opportunity to network with a multitude of organizations, talent agencies, studios and production companies.

How to apply:

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected], with the email subject line: LatAm Content Internship Position App