Eduardo Cisneros

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Cisneros has come to work on notable works in the United States. Cisneros accomplishments include signing a multi-picture development deal with Sony Pictures International with fellow filmmaker Jason Shuman in 2016. Serving as an associate producer on Eugenio Derbez’s hit film “Instructions Not Included,” and seeing the impact the success of the film had on Latinx across the United States, Cisneros want to bring his Spanish-speaking audience a greater representation in Hollywood, “The moment the movie came out and I started seeing all those stories that people share on social media about going to the movies together, about bringing Abuelita to the movies.”

For Cisneros, his career started in his home country of Mexico where he found success in networking with notable figures, “I started started my career in Mexico City as a writer for TV, for Televisa, for the big networks. I started writing comedy there, that’s where I started working with Eugenio Derbez and then I moved to the United States about ten to fifteen years ago.” He traces his aspirations for working on films to his childhood, where frequent trips to the movie theater and watching European movies with his dad made him realize that being a director and being a writer were actual career options. When reminiscing on his hardships, Cisneros views family support as the biggest obstacle many aspiring Latinx producers have to face. “When I think about a lot of the setbacks or a lot of the challenges that come with being a Latino writer or producer, I feel like we lack a lot of role models and we lack still a lot of inspiration for younger people, for younger generations to realize that you can actually do this.”