Davy Perez

Davy Perez is a writer, producer, and aspiring director who has been involved with NALIP since 2009; starting as a intern in junior college and becoming involved with several programs through taking on the role of production coordinator. Since then, he's become a writer and most recently has showcased his directorial work through the Latino Media Fest.

To Davy, #WeAreInclusion means being given a seat at the table. Whether it's in front of the camera, behind the camera or making content; having it reflect our experience and story is being part of that conversation. In order to do that, Davy asserts that companies need to include Latinos in the process at any given point not just in front of the camera, but also in front of production, story/concept, pitching executives. Davy pushes diverse Latinxs forward by taking the extra step in production in pushing for Latinx characters, even when it would be much easier to cast a non Latino actor. In doing so he believe he is able to not only bring a more diverse story, but a more diverse world on screen.

In giving advice to future generations, Davy knows that emerging Latinxs will have more opportunities to showcase their talent to a growing Latino market. “I would challenge our community of content creators to claim our space. By being self motivated, writing some specs and doing some digital content. By telling them to believe in your story, believe in your self worth, know that you bring value, know that you are bringing something unique, there is only you, and that is going to get you places. Write what you are most excited to write about and that's what's going to get you noticed.”