Casting Notice

Casting Notice: 
We are currently casting several Latino roles for a Columbia University MFA Thesis Film, titled GONER.
Location: Los Angeles, CA


ABOUT THE FILM: “Goner” is about a Peruvian-American teenager, Lorna, whose battle against her newly-arrived superstitious grandmother over her family’s bad luck drives her to escape into the world of her perfect neighbors. 

[LORNA] 13-16, Peruvian-American. A curious first-generation American girl who wishes nothing more than to overthrow her overbearing, superstitious grandmother and to be more normal like the neighbors.

[GOLDA] Early 60s-70s, Peruvian. A Catholic, superstitious matriarch with good intentions who just wants to help, Golda always thinks she’s right.

[BIBI] Late 30s, Peruvian. Recently separated and struggling to cope, a heartbroken Bibi must move her family forward while dwelling on the past.

[MR. ROGERS] Late 20s - early 30s, white. Handsome family man in a noticeable way who still holds on to the edginess of his youth.

[MRS. ROGERS] Late 20s - early 30s, white. A chic and effortless beauty with maternal elegance who works at making it look like she has it all together.

[RUSTY ROGERS] 5-6, white. Playful, mischievous, in awe of his dad.
​Send headshots/resumes to Gabriella Revilla-Lugo, [email protected]