2012 Finalists

The following documentary films were selected as Finalists:


Rodrigo Reyes, Producer and Director

Hugo Perez (Estela Award Winner 2009, LPA 2008), Executive Producer

Inti Cordera, Co-Producer

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine what the world was like long ago, when borders did not exist. Using a stunning mosaic of compelling characters and broken landscapes that live on the US-Mexico border, director Rodrigo Reyes reflects on the flaws of human nature and the powerful absurdities we have brought into the world.

With the support of IMCINE-FOPROCINE and IFP Film Labs


The Gospel of Camilo Torres

Diego Briceño, Producer and Director

Hidden away in the national film archives of his home country, filmmaker Diego Briceño discovers a 10-minute filmed interview with Father Camilo Torres, a controversial Colombian figure of the 60's, who marked the history of the continent. Diego embarks on a journey to piece together the lost memory of this radical priest by collecting stories and images from Father Camilo's followers and detractors. The Gospel of Camilo is a personal film set against the origins of Liberation Theology, a movement of revolutionary priests in Latin America. By reconnecting the lost memory of this little-known period of recent history, we realize the significance of this radical interpretation of the Gospels both for warmongers and pacifists today.