HBO/NALIP Documentary Film Maker Award

HBO has teamed with NALIP to find the next great Latino Documentary Film!

Social change has been the consistent undercurrent for HBO's critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary programs, with a myriad of issues presented in uncompromising quality and honesty.  Through this cash award, HBO wants to focus its lens on the Latino experience and support the growth of social commentary by Latino documentarians. One Latino Filmmaker will win $10,000!

A panel of industry professionals will judge the films based on the following criteria: uniqueness of topic/subject matter, professional quality of the film, and the structure, tone and style planned for presenting the topic to an audience. The judges will select one film as the winner of the competition. 

The submission deadline has passed for the 2013 HBO/NALIP Documentary Filmmaker Award. The winner will be announced by December 2013!