Words of Revolution

Words of Revolution | Edward Gonzalez

Words of Revolution has participated in numerous film festivals this year and aired on KLCS (PBS-L.A.) on a pilot show called "Festival Films." 

Next screening:

(Los Angeles, CA)
Sept. 12, 2015

Words of Revolution is a documentary about a culture trying to revive and progress from a history of violence. While the country of El Salvador has suffered the aftermath of a civil war and the growth of street violence, Salvadorans residing in the United States face challenges with their identity, culture, and negative connotations denoted by the media. Through the hopeful voices of hip-hop artists', professor, and a community activist, this documentary helps promote change and bring cultural identity to a culture that is beginning a new chapter in their history...a chapter of peace...prosperity...and unity.

 Words of Revolution is a Doing Your Doc (DYD) 2014 Los Angeles fellow.