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    William Nunez

    Writer, Director and Producer based out of New York and Spain producing commercials, live television, and developing feature films out of his UK company Deya Productions.


    The Laureate (2016 in preparation)

    Carnaval (2016 preproduction)

    Around the World in 90 Seconds (2007) short film screened in 10 countries

    Fear of Man (1995) Golden Hugo Award Chicago Film Festival

    Full Metal Racket (1989)  Cannes Film Festival-screened in 24 countries

    Directed over 100 commercials for clients such as Sony, Amtrak, Crest Toothpaste, Nascar

    Winner of Dupont and Polk Awards for Live television news direction

    Website:  www.thelaureatemovie.com

    Twitter:  @WillN10