When Dylan Marron Edited White People Out Of Hollywood Movies, There Was Barely Anything Left


It's one thing to be rhetorical and another to have undeniable proof. The lack of diversity in media has long been considered common knowledge within creative circles and accepted de facto as part of “the game” or “the industry.” However, Dylan Marron’s Every Single Word Spoken (ESW) video series has stirred cynics and shaken complacent audiences and filmmakers.

Every Single Word Spoken is a Tumblr blog where Marron, a New York-based actor, writer, and director, takes films from Harry Potter to Juno and splices together every single instance a person of color speaks. The entireHarry Potter series, which spans eight films and almost twenty hours of media, was reduced to six minutes. This kind of visual data shames viewers into the realization that Hollywood’s diversity problem is not about people of color looking for a handout. The short videos are incredibly powerful. The act of splicing together these paltry moments brings to mind Doris Salcedo’s stitched rose petal cloth or El Anatsui’s bottle cap nets: works that show how, when unified, small voices can project beyond invisibility.

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