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    2016 Latino Lens Showcase Submission

    “Live at the Paris” is a narrative short set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s “west coast jazz” movement of the 1950’s.

    The story looks at racial partiality within the underground movement as an on-the-verge-of success African American band from San Francisco and their caucasian singer arrive at a crossroads—.

    The film was written/directed/edited/co-produced by undocumented immigrant/Mexican American filmmaker Salvador Jimenez

    Conceived and produced in San Francisco, a traditionally liberal city, the film strives to look at one of the darker aspects of the lively jazz movement’s past—racial divide and the corruption of music by way of fame. The film employed a large ensemble cast of mostly African American actors and is as much a love letter to San Francisco’s eclectic musical history as well as an analysis of social/racial tendencies of the time. Furthermore, our crew was made up of a mostly female filmmakers. In closing I think our film would be a strong addition to the showcase and reflects on a topic that remains relevant. Thank you for watching!


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