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    Q: Would you be able to attend if not offered a scholarship?
    A: Yes

    The Residency Lab Application Form

    You can be in any phase of your project to apply, although works in progress are more competitive. There are no word limits or character counts, but please try to keep your answers efficient. Documentary filmmakers and narrative screenwriters and directors are all eligible.

    - ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THIS APPLICATION FORM with full script, script-in-development, treatment or outline emailed and saved as one .pdf file to: by - August 17, 2015. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

    - Non-refundable Processing Fee, must be received by deadline August 17, 2015 or application will not be considered. Please click either option to submit payment.

    Residency Lab Application Fee


    Residency Lab Application Fee + NALIP Membership

    - Any MEDIA (SAMPLE WORK, ROUGH CUTS, etc.) must be uploaded on a Vimeo or private YouTube account - Please include this media link in application form when prompted.

    This is the actual application. Please have the following ready prior to beginning the application form so that you may complete form in a single pass. You will NOT be able to go back. 

    -Contact info

    -Type of project (Narrative, Documentary, Digital)

    -Project synopsis.

    -Project description/style/approach.

    -Intended final product and distribution plans.

    -What part of the project would you intend to do/work on while at the retreat?

    -Project Status- what stage are you in?

    - Your bio

    -Work Samples, must be received by August 17, 2015:

    Narrative screenwriters with full scripts need to supply WGA registration number and email full script to

    If your script is in development, a treatment and outline in pdf or word format must be emailed to

    If your film or series has been shot or is in progress, please be ready to supply digital video link for your work in progress. Sample script must be emailed to

    If you are working on a documentary, please be ready to supply digital video link and passcode for work in progress or trailer clips.

    -Budget for project (not needed for scripts if not yet available.)

    Questions? please email:

    Take the survey

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    The Residency Lab Application Fee

    $45 Non-Refundable Processing Fee

    This covers one (1) application fee for the Diverse Women in Media Residency Lab.


    NOTE: If Diverse Women Residency Lab application is received after the application deadline will not be considered.




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    Sandra Alvarez

    Sandra Alvarez has experience directing and producing a wide spectrum of television programs appearing on Sundance, History Channel, BBC America, A&E Network, Discovery Channel, and TLC.  Focusing on real-life, emotional stories, Sandra served as a field producer for A&E’s Emmy winning show Intervention and The First 48.  Sandra worked as a lead producer for BBC America about the obesity problem in the United States entitled, Rude Awakening.   Sandra also directed a program for the Sundance Channel, Get To Work, that tells the compelling story of a unique non-profit organization that teaches job skills to “unemployables” (such as ex-convicts and recovering addicts) and gets them back into the workforce.  Recently, Sandra produced a pilot for A&E, Dogs of War, about a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for military veterans with PTSD.  Her current projects include a documentary entitled, A Secret Legacy, a film about Cuban-Exiles who were hired by the CIA to carry out a top-secret operation in the Congo in the 1960's.

    Her professional reel can be found on her website-