#OneImage Scholarship Challenge for 2018 NMS!

Posted by on April 06, 2018

Ready, Set, CAPTURE.

NALIP has now opened submissions for the 2018 #OneImageNALIP Challenge! Here’s your chance to showcase your creativity to us through one lens. The winner will receive a NALIP Media Summit Scholarship that will grant you access to the various workshops, sessions, screenings and the opportunity to learn, connect and advance!

Tell us a story with a single image. You can be as creative, imaginary, simple or complex as you wish as long as it is one image only that describes you as an artist. Then, add caption about what inclusion means to you with the 3 following hashtags:

#WeAreInclusion #OneImageNALIP #NMS18

Once you’ve created and uploaded your image to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, make sure to label it 2018 #OneImageNALIP challenge. We will then:

  • Evaluate the participants’ image and select the top most creative images uploaded and tagged @NALIP_org to our Facebook/Instagram/twitter page.
  • Deadline to submit your image will be May 6th, 2018
  • The announcement of the winners will be  May 15th, 2018


  • Must be one image that creatively expands who the person behind the work is.
  • Appropriate content accepted only.
  • Must have a caption that details what inclusion means to you. No more than 160 words.
  • Must include all 3 Hashtags! and be tagged to our Social Media pages.
  • The image can be material from your previous, present or even future work in progress. It can show a lens of the highlight of your career or a future outlook. Be creative as you can be!
  • The image must be original content from the participant.
  • Images with unoriginal material will be dismissed from the challenge.

If your image gets truly recognized, it will be uploaded to NALIP’s Instagram/ Facebook page. Make sure to have your friends or family like the image and follow our Instagram and Facebook! The contestant with the most outstanding image will win NALIP’s Scholarship.

**Keynotes & Latino Media Awards Gala not included in scholarship**

For additional questions please send to [email protected].

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