NALIP Participates in the #CreateWithUs Video Challenge


This week, our team at NALIP decided to put together a short trailer for the #CreateWithUs Video Challenge to show you what we're looking for! 

As you may already know from previous newsletters and social media postings, we are giving away free 2017 Media Summit passes to the winners of our challenge! All you have to do is submit a 60-second video of a reenactment/remake of your favorite film and explain in that same video why this film made you want to create. 

Upload the film to YouTube by our submission DEADLINE (April 3), and make sure to label it 2017 #CreateWithUs challenge. Send the link to and we will then select the top 3 creative videos to upload to our Facebook page. Make sure to have your friends and family like the video and our FB page, and the contestant with the most “likes” will win a free pass to our Media Summit. The process is pretty simple and the prize is one we can assure you'll want!

Full details on submission guidelines can be found on our website

As for our NALIP video, we decided to do a reenactment of our favorite scene from 'There's Something About Mary,' and we had a lot of fun with it. We not only love seeing our members create, but we like to show you how we create as well!

To check out the NALIP Video Challenge CLICK HERE.

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