NALIP Honors Martin Luther King Day

Posted by on January 16, 2018

Today, we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., & stand in solidarity for equality and representation, especially behind and in front of the camera. 

On MLK Day, let's be inspired to tell the whole American story, starting by having accurate representation on our screens. We stand in support of our African-American brothers and sisters as well as our Afro-Latinx community. When it comes to true representation, Hollywood needs to look further into the spectrum of these identities within the Latino experience.

“What does it mean to be Afro Latinx?”, Andre Royo, actor on The Wire and Empire stated, “A lot of responsibility, since the beginning of my career  Hollywood has only ever wanted to cast me as one part of my identity, my black side, because to them, I didn’t look Latino.”  Being Latinx and looking Latinx is still a barrier for many Afro Latinxs trying to enter the Hollywood ecosystem, leading many to make their own identities disregarding the Hollywood stereotypes, “Because I was undefined, I felt I was never enough on both sides, my acting/work has become my definer, not just my skin color,” says Allen Maldonado, actor on Black-ish

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