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The Guadalajara International Film Festival, also known as FICG, took place March 9-16. FICG is a cultural event of great relevance for the city as one of the showcases for the appreciation, diffusion, promotion and distribution of Mexican and Ibero-American cinema. Now in its 33rd year, the festival featured some of the best creative work and highlighted some of the strongest professionals in the industry today.


Various productions competed in different categories for this year’s festival and leading creators participated in discussions throughout the week. NALIP member Laura Plancarte (director) screened “Siblings” (Hermanos), in addition to having screened the film at FICG IN LA the previous year. 

This year, NALIP’s Production and Development Coordinator Liliana Espinoza was in attendance alongside Carmen Garcia Davila where they had a booth and also participated in the Co-Production Meetings. NALIP had the generous opportunity to award a project with an invitation to attend the Latino Media Market during the 2018 NALIP Media Summit, congratulations to the winning project 'Conexo' from Rafael Linares and Carlos Garcia Miranda NALIP looks forward to seeing you succeed at the Summit!

We also met up with Georgina Gonzalez who participated in the 14th Co-Production Meetings. Georgina is a NALIP Member and is currently one of the five finalists of our Latino Lens Incubator: Beyond Graduation with her film, "Passion Drives Us" a documentary about three teens going through the growing pains of choosing what to do with their lives amidst their personal issues.

Thank you FICG for having us this year and hope to see you again next year!

View the rest of the winning projects HERE.


About the festival:

The International Film Festival in Guadalajara is a cultural event of great relevance for the city and for the country as one of the showcases for the appreciation, dissemination, promotion and distribution of Mexican and Ibero-American films.

It is a festival for everyone and for everyone, so we work for people to enjoy it through various activities, but above all watching the cinema as Industry, Entertainment and Art.

It is the most solid festival in Latin America with an offer for the Film Industry that has allowed it to position itself nationally and internationally. It is a forum for training, instruction and creative exchange between professionals, critics of international cinematography and students from Latin America.

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