NALIP Doc Members Stay Busy


According to the Indian Country Today Media Network, Alex Zacarias’ new documentary, “Taino Daca (I Am),” reveals “new truths about the history, survival and identity of the Taino people, the first indigenous contact for Christopher Columbus.” Zacarias’ 10-year project will be released this fall and, as Zacarias explains, has a universal story for many tribes, not just for Taino. “The intent of the documentary is to bring awareness of our Taino story that we might be able to engage with government,” he says.

The Puerto Rican director faced many challenges making the film but as the Network reports, “one of the biggest challenges Zacarias faced was documenting the story over a decade and following the documentary’s main character, Roberto Mukaro Borrero.” Borrero was a consultant on the film and says, “the film shares the reality that Taino are still here.”


Sands of Silence” will be featured at the Awareness Film Fest 2016 this weekend. NALIP member Chelo Alvarez-Stehle’s film takes us on a 15 year journey to uncover the underworld of sexual exploitation and trafficking throughout Asia and the Americas. “The making of ‘Sands of Silence’ pushed me into a new journey of introspection,” says Alvarez-Stehle, “As I set to tell the story of our main subject, Virginia, who struggles to break the cycle of sexual exploitation in her family and her life.

“I saw my own story - in a very small way - in hers.”

The film will make it’s west coast premiere on Sunday, Oct. 16th at the L.A. Live Regal Cinemas in Downtown L.A. NALIP members can save on tickets using the code: 8675309. For tickets visit


Also featured at the Awareness Film Festival is Marisol Gonzalez’s “Children Behind the Wall.” The film exposes the cruel effects of the drug epidemic among children and young adults in Tijuana, Mexico. Gonzalez, who serves as the film’s producer and director, called upon accomplished Director of Photography Rachel Morrison, who lensed films like “Dope,” “Cake,” and “Fruitvale Station.”

“I’ve made it my mission to bring awareness about the harms of drugs from the perspective of children fending for themselves,” says Gonzalez. “We need to be compassionate and understand that people who use drugs are not monsters; they are our children, our parents, our cousins, our best friends.”

The film will be screened on Sunday, Oct. 16th at the L.A. Live Regal cinemas in Downtown L.A. There will be a Q&A following the film with the director. For tickets visit


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