As a leading organization in the advancement of Latinx creators across many media platforms, NALIP has been a constant support in assisting content creators like writers, directors, producers and other industry professionals to find their passion and get their step in the industry. With the help of NALIP, many people have the ability to find their voice and voice their opinions.

For almost two decades, NALIP has helped Latinx find their voices and will continue to for the next 20 years to help others find their voice and empower it until it is heard. In honor of NALIP’s 20th Anniversary, we will be launching the Roundtable Series as part of this year’s campaign!

The roundtable conversation will be conducted across the United States of many types of content creators that came from a variety of different types of background. They have became the inspiration all over the world in the media and other entertainment platforms. We hope you are inspired by these content creators’ stories as much as they have inspired us!

Not only are Latinx producers prominent, loyal and important in today’s industry, but they have become one of the largest demographics in the society. They’re ability to tell a story and connect to their audience are unteachable. The stories that they created like Coco and Jane the Virgin are so relatable that it creates a deep impact on the audience and outside the Hispanic culture as well.

Latinx are barely recognized in award ceremonies. Especially at last year’s Emmys, not a single Latino actor, director, producer or writer were nominated at the awards’ ceremony. Latinx has been nominated 16 times, however, only six has won throughout years of the Oscars’ history.

NALIP has been helping the Latinx producers by constantly building and promoting their content all across the media platforms. For over 18 years, NALIP continues to provide professor development, community building and mentoring to help start many content creators.

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