As a leading organization in the advancement of Latinx creators across many media platforms, NALIP has been a constant support in assisting content creators like writers, directors, producers and other industry professionals to find their passion and get their step into the industry. With the help of NALIP, many creators now have the ability to find their voice and voice their opinions.

In 2019, Nalip conducted a series of roundtable conversations with content creators that came from a variety of backgrounds. We hope you are inspired by these content creators’ stories as much as they have inspired us!



For 20 years, NALIP has acknowledged the work of the individuals who represent talent both in front of and behind the camera. We have continuously looked at how to support agents and managers who are actively working towards a more inclusive industry. As active proponents of inclusion on various levels of entertainment, this roundtable discussion locked in on the importance of meaningful representation in mainstream media and shared their experiences in identifying emerging talent. These agents and managers also discussed their experience being a part of the NALIP community, what their journeys into the industry were like, and what they believe the future will bring.



NALIP’s mission to serve the Latinx community encompasses the understanding that having a space to connect and share ideas is an essential element to generating an accurate representation of our community within the industry. It is through our NALIP programs that we are making the effort to create, promote, and distribute diverse and inclusive content. With our programs, NALIP looks to build on previous residential instruction programs and growing incubation efforts by supporting filmmakers with direct content production in order to address the need for diverse content and creators in the industry.



From its inception, NALIP has worked towards making the entertainment industry a more diverse and inclusive industry that acknowledges and understands content made by and for underrepresented communities. In recent years, the dialogue surrounding the homogenous makeup of the film critic community has led to criticism of the field itself, begging the question: Where is the disconnect? According to a study done by Dr. Stacy L. Smith at USC, white male reviewers write about 62% more reviews than women of color. In this roundtable discussion, prominent figures in the film critic community took a look at the current state of the industry and shared how the NALIP community is creating a new industry standard.

Documentarians Roundtable

From its conception, NALIP has been motivated by the way in which content creators in public media play a vital role in society in that they help audiences engage in a broader and more nuanced view of the world. Throughout our 20+ years at NALIP, we have honored filmmakers in public media through a variety of core programming such as our Public Media/Documentary Labs which dates back from our Santa Fe days to our more current initiatives such as the Beyond Graduate Digital Incubator. This round table discussion explored the different ways in which NALIP has strives to create a community within the unscripted space of the past,  ways in which NALIP is engaging with the speakers in present day, and what those who work in non-fiction landscape hope to see within the coming years as they develop new content in a changing industry.

Producers Roundtable

Not only are Latinx producers prominent, loyal and important in today’s industry, but they have become one of the largest demographics in the society. They’re ability to tell a story and connect to their audience are unteachable. The stories that they created like Coco and Jane the Virgin are so relatable that it creates a deep impact on the audience and outside the Hispanic culture as well.

NALIP has been helping the Latinx producers by constantly building and promoting their content all across the media platforms. For over 20 years, NALIP continues to provide professor development, community building and mentoring to help start the careers of many content creators.