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‘Queen Of The South’ Finale: Showrunners Reflect On [SPOILER]’s “Shakespearean” Final Moments, Untouched Season Six Plans

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Showrunner Benjamin Lobato and Dailyn Rodriguez talk about story plots and character development in the Queen of the South. Check out the full interview as they broke down the series “beautiful” ending, teased what would have been season six threads and more.

Read the full piece on Deadline.


No Excuses: Here Are a Dozen Superheroes of Color Who Could Lead Movie Franchises

NALIPsters at Last Week's Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF)


As LALIFF ended this past Sunday, we want to share with you a recap of some of the projects screened by NALIPsters! Keep an eye out for this projects and where they may go!


Bridges - Maria Corina Ramirez

Venezuelan-born, Miami-based writer, director and star Maria Corina Ramirez transfigures her personal accounts into a contemplative debut feature about an undocumented high school student uncertain about her future in the U.S. This is the rare film that deploys voice-over not as narration but to lace the images with introspective poetry as the protagonist debates what to share with the world in her valedictorian speech.

Watch this interview with Maria Corina Ramirez HERE

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With His Eyes Closed - Jose Navas

In the city of Miami, Andres and his younger brother Miguel are living under the control of their abusive father. After Andres decides to skip school, his seemingly adventurous escape brings unexpected consequences. However, this experience gives him the courage to fight back against his father in a fearless attempt to protect his younger brother.

Watch the trailer HERE

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Period - Kase Peña (Inclusion Fellowship with LALIFF)

Vergara, a Trans Latinx woman, gets a part-time job looking after a shy 12 year-old girl upon being released from the LA County Jail. In order to make ends-meet Vergara continues doing sex work on the side. A major risk, since this is what landed her in jail in the first place.

Period is the first installment of Peñas 4 part anthology titled Trans Los Angeles. Watch out for this project!

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