Member News 4/15/21

Posted by on April 16, 2021

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‘Blast Beat’ Trailer Tells a Story About a New Kind of American Dream

Courtesy of Blast Beat

The first official trailer for Erick Castrillon and Esteban Arango’s film “Blast Beat” has just released in advance of it’s May 21 theatrical release. The coming-of-age story follows brothers Carly and Mateo (Mateo and Moises Arias) as they move to a new country during their high school years. Focusing on issues of immigration, it is a film the audience will be able to see characteristics of their own family on-screen. 

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Watch the official trailer here!

“Queen of the South” Showrunners: Border Stories Aren’t the Only Latino Tales Worth Telling

Courtesy of IndieWire

The USA Network’s “Queen of the South” aims to tell stories that are not only about the border, but instead emphasizes how drug culture exploits women and minorities. The series follows the story of “The Queen of Cocaine” Teresa Mendoza, a Culiacan cartel runner with a desire to do good within the system put against her. The series has allowed for discussion of institutionalized racism, institutionalized poverty, misogyny, along with other common experiences from the Latinx community. Read more about this groundbreaking show here.

Filmmaker Launches Critical Documentary on the Legacies that the 2014 World Cup Left for Brazil

Courtesy of RFI

The World Cup brings passionate professional players and fans together from all over the world to celebrate the beloved sport of soccer. The documentary “Os Donos da Casa” shows how the 2014 World Cup transformed the daily lives of Brazillians. Brazilian filmmaker Carla Dauden started documenting the film 50 days before the games as pre-World Cup protests erupted throughout major Brazilian cities. The film hopes to bring to light stories of Brazilians affected by the games in order to bring awareness to the economic and social inequalities that still persist in the country. To read more click here.

A Brooklyn Artist Wants Sports Fans to Wear Their Names


Credit: Raafi Rivero, Unarmed

New York Times

 Brooklyn filmmaker and artist, Raafi Rivera, poured his emotions regarding racial injustice in the country into a piece of art that became part of a series titled "UNARMED", now acknowledged nation-wide. Starting with jersey designs commemorating the unarmed Black victims of police brutality, the project grew into a bigger project as seen in the short film of the same name that premiered in YouTube's "Black Renaissance" special hosted by the Obamas. 

NALIP member Robert Pietri joined this project after the protests of George Floyd's murder and is an active partner of the movement.

Read the full UNARMED New York Times article HERE

Exclusive: See The Trailer And Poster For THE DEVIL'S CHILD

Exclusive debut of The Devil's Child trailer and poster! The new supernatural horror flick by David Bohórquez follows a young American nurse that finds herself haunted by childhood trauma, when she is employed at a remote house to care for a sinister old psychic. The Devil's Child is out from Vertical Entertainment, available digitally and on demand on May 7th. Read more and watch the trailer HERE.

Annie Gonzalez, Newcomer Sofia Capanna Join ABC Comedy Pilot ‘Bucktown’

Courtesy of Deadline

Rookie Sofia Capanna and Gentefied’s Annie Gonzales are set to make their appearance on the upcoming ABC comedy pilot “Bucktown”. The series follows Amy (Shannon Woodward) who finds refuge in her mom’s house in a blue-collar neighborhood after being dumped and kicked out of her apartment on the eve of her big promotion. Find out more about the series here.