For Your Consideration: Latino Lens Festival & Showcase Announces Film of the Year Nominations for Latino International and Latinx Film Categories

Posted by on October 07, 2016

This year NALIP’s Current Official Members and a select committee of industry professionals will vote to select the winner in each category for Film of the Year. The two categories selected are:


  • Latino International which includes cinema receiving noteworthy attention prior to festival and award season. NALIP believes any of these films can be taken for your award consideration.
  • The Latinx category features the best in US Latino and breakthrough Latinx filmmaking talent. These films could include a documentary, animation or feature.

Regardless of the winner, NALIP believes, all of the following films should be in your short list for award consideration. Members will receive a separate voting ballot. Your membership must be current and in good standing to participate.

Check out the trailers for each nominated film

Best Latinx Film


La Granja

Hands of Stone


Don’t Breathe

Memories of a Penitent Heart

Best Latino International Film


Distinguished Citizen - Argentina

Neruda - Chile

Desierto - Mexico

Alias Maria - Colombia

Breadcrumbs - Uruguay


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