LA County Arts Commission Interns Reflect NALIP Experience

Posted by on August 10, 2018

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Hear what these two interns have to say about NALIP and how you can become a part of the NALIP team! LACAC and NALIP provided a unique summer internship opportunity to a part of the NALIP team for the NALIP Media Summit. Reflecting on their newfound skills, interns, Raquel and Alejandro, share an insightful and enlightening reflection about their experience at NALIP.

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Alejandro Posada-Sanchez is from Dallas, Texas. He worked in registration and expressed that he was grateful to have been spend time with an organization filled with people as dedicated as the people who work at NALIP.

"When I started my internship, I was immediately thrust into pre-production for the NALIP Media Summit, a four day event designed to converge storytelling, technology, and media championing Latinx talent. It included panels, workshops, screenings, access meetings, and to top it all off, the Latino Media Awards. 

My experience during the Summit was almost life changing. I had never experienced anything so intense in my life. It was a non-stop thrill ride. I was the head of general registration, a department that is heavily under appreciated, and if I wasn’t answering questions, I was doing another task. It was difficult, and I had to step up and take charge, something I was unsure of being able to do at the time. Looking back, I feel like I was able to accomplish something, and help NALIP, just as they were helping me. Not only that, but I working with the rest of the team, I was proud of what we managed to pull off. The Summit was a big success and I was proud to have contributed to an event that is helping Latinos and Latinas develop their careers in Hollywood.

Beyond the Summit, I felt like my experience at NALIP has helped me grow in more ways than I expected. Having the ability to work with various departments and with such a close team has helped me develop skills that will be valuable in any work environment. As I begin my professional career, learning how to behave and communicate, following protocols, even taking notes, are all invaluable skills. In addition, I gained knowledge that will be critical to me in pursuing my career as a filmmaker. I know what it’s going to take ot make it in the industry and working at NALIP has shown me that it is possible to achieve my dream if I’m willing to put forth the effort and take what I’ve learned."

Raquel Diaz is an English major student from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She was the new Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative intern for NALIP. 

"If my life was a movie, my time at NALIP would be a cheesy 80’s training montage about cultivating transferable organizational skills and teamwork, learning about the entertainment industry, and ultimately, learning more about myself and my community- the Latinx community.

One of the first things Ben (Executive director of NALIP) told me was that NALIP is a place where interns that move on have an impact within the industry. People at NALIP are knowledgeable about  and involved in their particular areas of interest, whether it be web comedy shows or screenwriting. Throughout the internship, Ben made sure we did. From researching emerging content creators and trends within the industry, and helping with NALIP’s 2018 Media Summit, I have learned so much about working in entertainment. I created itineraries for speakers. I learned to craft formal invitation language for higher ed film institutions. I learned about event registration and hospitality skills by tabling for the event and managing registered guests. I am thankful for this opportunity, because My liberal arts education would not have given me such hands-on exposure to the industry.

During the NALIP Media Summit, I helped coordinate and execute the Emerging Content Creators Workshop. It was so fulfilling to know that my work provided resources and empowerment to young filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds. Young content creators were excited to network and learn about breaking into the industry, and their gratitude alone made my internship memorable. Experiencing the Media Summit, absorbing information and energy from established individuals in the industry made me realize the magnitude of NALIP’s importance. NALIP identifies the need for diverse stories, and works to bring these stories to fruition on the executive and business side. I couldn’t be prouder to be involved with NALIP. It made me search for stories within myself, a queer Latina.

NALIP wants you to grow as a person, so the staff at NALIP helped tailor the internship to my professional aspirations. That first time in the office, I had vague hopes of being a film critic, and had dabbled in college stand up. By interning at NALIP, my hobbies turned into serious pursuits. I connected with film critics at the Media Summit. Ben assigned me everything from web series to feature films to review. I grew as a writer, my most precious skill, and gained confidence as a film critic. The Media Summit helped turn glamorous, unreachable jobs in entertainment to tangible goals. I believe I could be a film critic now, I feel confident working at film-related events, such as film festivals, and to my own surprise have started researching becoming a screenwriter. NALIP is a special force within the industry, one that perfectly merged my passions for social justice with entertainment. It is the perfect place to grow professionally while also doing something that transcends the self, and helps entire communities."

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Want to become a member? Check out NALIP's different membership rates. Learn about NALIP's upcoming Latino Media Fest and volunteer opportunities fast approaching!