NALIP Jorge Gutierrez Animation Scholarship

Posted by on May 24, 2018

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and Jorge Gutierrez (Book of Life, Son of Jaguar) are providing five scholarships to five extraordinary Latinx experimental animators as they transition from CalArts into the industry by giving them the vital resources in building their resume. The scholarship provides access to NALIP’s various insightful workshops, programs, and events, such as our Latino Film Festival and our NALIP Media Summit for the next three years, helping the recipients become more familiar with the dynamics of the industry. Through their consistent attendance at these events, these content creators will be given an invaluable chance to network and build connections not only with our empowering community, but within Hollywood.

The first event these recipients will attend is the 2018 NALIP Media Summit. The NALIP Media Summit is the largest annual gathering of Latinos in media nationwide. The weekend-long event will take place on June 21-24, 2018. The event focuses on bringing content creators of all levels together to give them the tools and information they need to help them move forward and promote diversity through our #WeAreInclusion campaign. This year’s event will feature film screenings, panel sessions, workshops, showcases, networking opportunities, media markets and our Latino Media Awards Gala, an extravagant event where we highlight Latino content creators deserving of Hollywood's spotlight. Visit for more information and to get your passes.

“For NALIP, the best way to introduce fresh faces and cultivate a more inclusive space is by providing these programs to these emerging animators, who otherwise wouldn’t have resources outside of school to build their career,” shares NALIP Executive Director, Ben Lopez, “We are happy to keep supporting the Latinx creatives of tomorrow, who will continue to serve as the foundation of a more diverse industry.”

“It's a great opportunity for young and up and coming Latinx CalArts content creators to hear from Latinx industry professionals and share in their wisdom and experiences. You can't put a prize on this. To bring together the Latinx creative community in our entertainment industry is nothing short of a miracle,” shares Golden Globe nominated animator Jorge Gutierrez, “There's nothing more powerful as a Latinx student than to see professionals that actually look like you. To see examples is to believe one can do it. I know it was for me with people like Guillermo del Toro and Robert Rodriguez. The biggest resource I wish I had as an aspiring Latinx animator was exposure and access to industry professionals. And NALIP is providing this.”

In reaching out to CalArts, NALIP aims to directly create connections and networks with aspiring animators to help bridge the gap between Hollywood and intersectional content creators and works. We appreciate the cooperation from Jorge Gutierrez and CalArts in reaching out to students and showing them the resources we are eager to distribute.

“​The emerging Latinx artists at CalArts see this as a great opportunity to develop professionally, immersed within a community that shares their cultural values. Students who attend NALIP events will become role models for others and strengthen the Latinx community within CalArts” expresses CalArts representative Maureen Furniss. “We are grateful to Jorge Gutierrez for providing the scholarship. He is a great role model and inspiration to all our students. He represents their aspirations as a media creator who has had widespread success and is now inspiring others.”

Scholarship Recipients:

Mia Hernandez

I hope that by attending the NALIP events I will be given the opportunity to learn more about the entertainment industry and how I can as a latina animator/filmmaker make not only my voice heard, but the voice of my community heard. It would be an absolute honor to be in the presence of the influential Latinx creators in the entertainment industry who are coming together to empower Latinx creators like myself.

Daniela Montaño Figueroa

I am interested in being part of the NALIP activities, events, and community because I think it is a great platform that helps push Latin talent to other levels and opens opportunities for it to be developed and heard. Art, for me, has become the best way to express my ideas to the world and to actually make it better. NALIP can help me get my message to more people.

Stephanie Delazeri

My goals for attending these events as a Brazilian-American filmmaker would be developing a better understanding of the current state of Latino art and representation in the animation industry and learning about resources that I can use and are available to me and other Latino filmmakers.

Gaia Marcaccini

As most artists, my work has been inspired by my experiences, and Mexico has played a key part in my identity as I grew up there. The NALIP events are an ideal place to connect with other creators who want to collaborate on projects to portray our shared experiences which are not typically represented in the global media.

Gaby Escovar 

NALIP’s dedication to uplifting the voices of, and giving space to, the creative Latinx community makes me feel like I can be a part of the conversation on diversity and representation. I hope to take what I learn from panels and workshops and apply it to my own practices, planting the seeds for friendships and future collaborations with those I meet there.

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