How to Latino Media Market

The Latino Media Market is a is a prime opportunity for funders, executives, distributors, agents, and mentors to meet with NALIP Latino Media Market fellows and their projects.

Here's how to make the most out of your experience and increase your chances of success!

1. Practice your Pitch! 

“Good enough isn’t good enough. Because good enough will leave you in the middle of the pack.” - The Art of the Pitch by Peter Coughter 

  • Pitching is a strategic art that includes salesmanship skills. With thousands of resources on pitching from a quick Google search, knowing how to effectively pitch your project to executives is expected and crucial to success. You will have the opportunity of a lifetime for an industry executive to converse with you for 20 minutes- therefore please remember those 20 minutes should be spent not only on the project you are pitching but on yourself as a filmmaker.
  • Again, YOU are selling YOURSELF. When a company commits to a project, they are committing to working with you. 
  • Don't expect to sell your project at every pitch meeting. Instead, focus on having a great connection and conversation that may land you a second meeting. 
  • Attend the mandatory "Pitching to Perfection" session on Thursday, June 21st from 2pm-3pm, where you'll get tips and tricks on pitching from industry executives from mitu, 3Pas, IDA, and Stage 13.
  • Watch the "How to Pitch" webinar exclusively for Latino Media Market fellows led by Circle of Confusion manager, Jairo Alvarado (Webinar date & video release TBD)
  • Final "How to Pitch" session will be held Friday, June 22nd at 8:30 am prior to orientation with speakers Brittany Machado and Shakira Hedgpeth 


With a past life as a sociology professor, Brittany Machado started working in film as a documentary consultant. After producing several projects on nights and weekends, she eventually took her first TV job in post-production on Grimm (NBC). 

She is now the Producer for Sundance Co//ab where she oversees content production and strategy. Co//ab is a new digital destination for artists to come together and collaborate that is being developed by the Sundance Institute. Previously she was at Warner Bros where she managed the WB Television Workshop and worked in scripted development for Stage 13 (Warner Bros. Digital Network). Her past producing credits include Give Me Sex Jesus (Vimeo), When Giants Fan Met Dodgers Fan (CSN), and music videos, as well as work on No Cameras Allowed (MTV).

Shakira Hedgpeth currently produces and provides creative support for TV One’s Original Programming & Production department. In this role, she develops and streamlines creative projects for a portfolio of true crime, factual, reality, scripted, award shows and film festival sponsorships. 
In this support role, she is focused on building strong creative relationships while proactively engaging with emerging talent and developing unique stories for them and the Network’s assortment of programming. She currently serves as an Executive Judge for the annual ABFF screenplay competition. 
Shakira joined TV One after producing on the daytime multi- Emmy winning show, Judge Judy. Previously, she managed the production of original programming at The Game Show Network. 
Shakira was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and started her career in entertainment as a video journalist interning for Vibe Magazine and later at Fox 29 in Philadelphia. Shakira earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Lincoln University and she is a Master of Science candidate from Drexel University’s Television Management program in Philadelphia.

2. Prepare your Materials 

  • Your pitch deck should be aesthetically pleasing, clean, easy to read, with every intention of making your project look viable.
  • Teasers, sizzle reels, mood reels, shorts, etc. should be DOWNLOADED onto your laptop or accessible from a HARD DRIVE/USB prior to the Latino Media Market (NO WIFI AT VENUE) 
  • Bring headphones! The room will be buzzing with other conversations and your executives might not be able to hear your video without a pair of working headphones. Some pitch meetings may include more than one executive for each company so don't forget to provide them with a pair of headphones as well.
  • Have multiple digital and printed copies of your script if you would like to provide executives with your script. 
  • Business cards. The NALIP Media Summit is a great opportunity to network outside of the Latino Media Market (when you are NOT scheduled for meetings). You'll get the chance to meet fellow filmmakers and content creators so bring plenty of business cards. 

3.  Latino Media Market Pitch Meetings 

  • Arrive at all of your scheduled meetings on time. Be prepared to have meetings delayed or moved. You will not be given a second chance to meet with an executive if you miss a meeting.  
  • DO NOT ask to meet with companies or executives. Your schedule is created by the Latino Media Market team and they will not accommodate to fit any of your requests. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • You are welcome to attend other panels, workshops, etc. at the NALIP Media Summit when you are NOT scheduled for Latino Media Market meetings. Please expect to be called 15 minutes prior to meetings if you are not within the Latino Media Market vicinity. 

4. Registration 

  • Pick up your pass prior to the "Pitching to Perfection" session on Thursday, June 21st at Creators Studio 3 
  • Official registration for Latino Media Market fellows begins at 8 am on Friday, June 22nd. Registration will continue at 8 am again on Saturday, June 23rd at the same location. You will receive a detailed email of where to register and retrieve your itineraries. 


Lastly, have fun and make the most out of your experience.

Congratulations to all. See you in Hollywood! 

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