How to Latino Media Market

Posted by on June 13, 2018

The Latino Media Market is a is a prime opportunity for funders, executives, distributors, agents, and mentors to meet with NALIP Latino Media Market fellows and their projects.

Here's how to make the most out of your experience and increase your chances of success!

1. Practice your Pitch! 

“Good enough isn’t good enough. Because good enough will leave you in the middle of the pack.” - The Art of the Pitch by Peter Coughter 

  • Pitching is a strategic art that includes salesmanship skills. With thousands of resources on pitching from a quick Google search, knowing how to effectively pitch your project to executives is expected and crucial to success. You will have the opportunity of a lifetime for an industry executive to converse with you for 20 minutes- therefore please remember those 20 minutes should be spent not only on the project you are pitching but on yourself as a filmmaker.
  • Again, YOU are selling YOURSELF. When a company commits to a project, they are committing to working with you. 
  • Don't expect to sell your project at every pitch meeting. Instead, focus on having a great connection and conversation that may land you a second meeting. 
  • Attend the mandatory "Pitching to Perfection" session on Thursday, July 25th from 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm, where you'll get tips and tricks on pitching from the VP of Development at 3Pas Studios, and writer-director Gabriela Tagliavini. 
  • Attend the mandatory "Last Minute Advice with DMA" session on Thursday, July 25th from 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm, where you will be able to ask last minute questions to pitching mentor, DMA.


Gabriela Tagliavini - Writer/Director 

Gabriela Tagliavini is an award-winning filmmaker who has directed 7 feature films. She recently directed an original film for Netflix, “A Pesar de Todo” (“Despite Everything”), which was released in 190 countries. In 2018, Gabriela sold a TV pitch to Amazon Studios to develop her own TV series. Her previous film “How To Break Up With Your Douchebag” (“Como Cortar a tu patan”) opened #1 in the box-office in Mexico, topping “Blade Runner.” In her previous films, she directed stars like Sharon Stone, Miguel Rodarte, Manolo Cardona, Billy Zane, Eva Longoria, Kate Del Castillo, Sean Patrick Flanery, Carmen Electra and Christian Slater. She has worked as a writer/director for top companies like Disney, Buena Vista, Starz, Voltage, Viacom, VH1, MTV, Maverick, Claro Video, Televisa, Comedy Central, ABC and HBO. Gabriela Tagliavini was selected for the Sundance and WIF’s Women Initiative. She was honored with a “Life Achievement” award from the Baja Film Festival. She received a a Masters Degree from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI). She is represented by CAA

Jessica Pãvao - VP of Development / 3Pas Studios
DMA - President / Planet DMA
A veteran entertainment industry showrunner and executive and twice-patented tech entrepreneur, DMA designs and executes transformative gameplans for companies in media, tech, government, education and more. Over the past 20 years, she has helmed top-rated programming for CBS, Bravo, BET, A&E, TLC and more, authored two entertainment books that are taught in media programs nationwide, and championed inclusion across multiple industries, including her current role as Director of Walt Disney Television's Creative Talent Development & Inclusion team. She is a graduate, with distinction, of Stanford University and is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Producers Guild of America and American Mensa. You can connect with DMA online on all platforms as @planetdma.

2. Prepare your Materials (if bringing any)

  • Your pitch deck should be aesthetically pleasing, clean, easy to read, with every intention of making your project look viable.
  • Teasers, sizzle reels, mood reels, shorts, etc. should be DOWNLOADED onto your laptop or accessible from a HARD DRIVE/USB prior to the Latino Media Market (NO WIFI AT VENUE) 
  • Bring headphones! The room will be buzzing with other conversations and your executives might not be able to hear your video without a pair of working headphones. Some pitch meetings may include more than one executive for each company so don't forget to provide them with a pair of headphones as well.
  • Have multiple digital and printed copies of your script if you would like to provide executives with your script. 
  • Business cards. The NALIP Media Summit is a great opportunity to network outside of the Latino Media Market (when you are NOT scheduled for meetings). You'll get the chance to meet fellow filmmakers and content creators so bring plenty of business cards. 

3.  Latino Media Market Pitch Meetings 

  • Arrive at all of your scheduled meetings on time (aka, be early). Be prepared to have meetings delayed or moved. You will not be given a second chance to meet with an executive if you miss a meeting.  
  • DO NOT ask to meet with companies or executives. Your schedule is created by the Latino Media Market team and they will not accommodate to fit any of your requests. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • You are welcome to attend other panels, workshops, etc. at the NALIP Media Summit when you are NOT scheduled for Latino Media Market meetings. Please expect to be called 15 minutes prior to meetings if you are not within the Latino Media Market vicinity. 

4. Registration 

  • Pick up your pass prior to the "Pitching to Perfection" session on Thursday, July 25th at Creators Studio 3, any time from 11:30 AM to 2 PM.
  • Registration for Latino Media Market fellows will continue at 8 am on Friday, July 26th at the Latino Media Market Room. Registration will continue at 8 am again on Saturday, July 27th at the same location. You will receive a detailed email of where to register and retrieve your itineraries. 

Lastly, have fun and make the most out of your experience.

Congratulations to all. See you in Hollywood!