How These Latino Filmmakers Won the Opportunity to Direct for TV for the First Time - Nalip News

Posted by on August 02, 2019

Image Courtesy of Remezcla

One of the ways the entertainment industry has tried to course-correct its biases against minorities when handing out directing and writing roles and responsibilities is through diversity initiatives.

These programs sound great on paper: TV networks, say, get people from underrepresented communities to apply, presumably prove their worth, and get a chance to see firsthand what it’s like to produce a television show. But, Latinx creators need more from programs that are designed to give them a leg up; they need actual opportunities to go alongside such mentoring initiatives. This is precisely what the NBC Emerging Director Program is doing: on top of getting directors who are eager to move into TV to shadow episodic production and learn the ropes while on a specific show, they also get a chance to direct one episode themselves. It’s the latter opportunity that makes the program stand out from others across the industry.

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