Success Stories From Past LMF Official Selection

Posted by on August 02, 2018

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One of the biggest NALIP events of the year, the Latino Media Fest has become a prominent event for the diverse and influential community of U.S. based Latinx content creators and film enthusiasts alike. By showcasing and curating fresh new voices from the Latinx community, NALIP has come to be known as one of the top leaders in the industry in bringing the importance of inclusion to mainstream media. By providing a platform for these content creators to screen their films to an audience and top industry executive, NALIP opens doors for these works to take the next step to success and exposure.

One Halloween

One Halloween was screened at NALIP’s 2017 Latino Media Fest whose film incubator funded by the Time Warner Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, provided contributions for pre-production, production, and post-production tools, resources, and assets to the support filmmakers.

One Halloween follows a Colombian born immigrant who was wounded in the Afghanistan war, who is trying to reconnect with his 10 year old daughter. The film portrays themes concerning war, family dynamics in a lower socio-economic immigrant family, love, and dealing with a disability.

Director Rebecca Murga is an U.S army veteran and an award-winning filmmaker who works in Los Angeles as a writer, producer, and director of news and documentary films. Her work includes feature documentary films in English and Spanish which have been features on Mundo Fox, ABC, CBS, and AFN.

Hijo por Hijo

Hijo por Hijo was previously screened at the 2017 NALIP Latino Media Fest. Hijo por Hijo is an award winning film that surrounds a Venezuelan kidnapper who does whatever it takes to support his son. When things go wrong and his own son goes missing, He has to risk everything to save that is most important to him. This short film was screened at over 40 film festivals, won 7 awards and was acquired by HBO for distrubtion. The film is available for streaming on HBO NOW.

Hijo por Hijo director, Juan Avella, is a professional screenwriter, producer, and director. Born and raised in Venezuela, his work has played in film festivals from around the world, gathered millions of views online and been broadcasted in primetime television in over 25 countries in South America.


Spark tells the story of a 19 year old Venezuelan student who is detained after helping organize a protest against the violence in his country. Oscars mother, Mariana and his friend, Alma, use a bluetooth-based software called SPARK to create a campaign that pressures their government to find Oscar.


Windows was a finalist at the 2016 Latino Lens: Narrative Shorts Incubator. Windows is a film about two isolated women who bond by sharing their lives from a distance thought their apartment windows. They are blocks apart but despite their efforts, never meet. Windows was screened at Cine Festival.

Director Maru Buendia-Senties, graduated from UT Austin- MFA in Film Production with three award-winning films and was honored by the Princess Grace Foundation. Maru focuses on genre films, showing her writing and direction as she creates stories that portrays deep interpersonal connections and uniqure idiosyncrasies that connect us all as humans.

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