Gloria Calderon Kellett Encourages Latinx Writers

Posted by on February 02, 2018

Showrunning: How to Creatively Manage a TV series

This past Monday, our Latino Lens Workshop was filled with insightful advice from Netflix's One Day At a Time's Executive Producer, Gloria Calderon Kellett on how to navigate the showrunning experience & “becoming undeniable” in this industry.


During this hour long workshop, participants learned the basics of how to begin their career as a TV showrunner, as well as about the role itself in a television production. Designed to give participants insights on the day-to-day life and duties of a showrunner; participants learned about handling different responsibilities, from being in the writer's room, managing talent, to working with producers/directors.


Thank you to Gloria Calderon Kellett for leading the future and collaborating with NALIP to push forward the next generation. And thank you to Sony Pictures Entertainment, Diversity and Inclusion for hosting our workshop.


Join us at the next Latino Lens Workshop coming in February!