Fresh News 12/09/2021

Posted by on December 10, 2021

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‘Diary Of A Future President’ Creator Ilana Peña Has Buddy Comedy In Works At CBS

Courtesy of  Matt Petit for Disney

Ilana Peña is developing a hybrid comedy with CBS called How to Get Over Brian Byers the show will follow two enemies-turned-best friends who band together to get over their shared ex-boyfriend. Read more here.

Laverne Cox Joins McG’s Netflix Fantasy Film ‘Uglies’

Courtesy of Bret Lemke

Laverne Cox is the newest addition to the cast of Uglies, directed for Netflix. The dystopian fantasy film based on Scott Westerfeld’s international bestseller of the same name. Uglies is set in a world in which a compulsory operation at sixteen makes everyone pretty by conforming to an ideal standard of beauty, the role to be played by Cox has not yet been disclosed. Read more here.

Netflix Returns To ‘Death To 2021’; Adds Lucy Liu, Stockard Channing, William Jackson Harper To Comedy Special

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is returning to the Death to 2021 mockumentary special, with Lucy Liu, Stockard Channing and The Good Place‘s William Jackson Harper joining the cast. A teaser trailer today for the show, which drops on December 27, the special mixes archival footage harvested from across the year with commentary from fictitious characters. Read more here.

Dev Patel Launches Production Company Minor Realm, Expands Team With Lakshmi Iyengar and Samarth Sahni

Courtesy of AP

Dev Patel has launched his own production company, Minor Realm, which has a mission to “explore and develop the creative landscape of voices and talent that too often are unrecognized, bringing these stories to life in a larger way.” The new production company will focus on both films and television. Read more here.

‘Jezebel’ Director Numa Perrier To Produce And Star In Audre Lorde Indie Biopic ‘The Erotic’

Courtesy of House of Numa

Numa Perrier and Livia Perrier reteam to bring a film about famed poet and author Audre Lorde to screen. The Erotic marks the first scripted feature film based on the life, loves and mischief of Audre Lorde and will be accompanied by an immersive art installation. Read more here.