Fred Armisen Talks Bringing Latino Comedy To The Mainstream With Launch Of Más Mejor

Some people just get it, and others miss. For all the crap we give him for not having any sort of Latino representation on Saturday Night Live and for letting that red-haired-ignorant-fool-running for the highest office in our country host, Lorne Michaels gets it. He gets business, he gets comedy, and finally he gets us. Today, Michaels’ media company, Broadway Video launched Más Mejora premium digital comedy content studio powered by Latino voices. What does “powered by Latino voices” mean, exactly? It means that all content, written, and performed is actually created by Latinos, by funny Latinos. Not by some gringo sitting in a network’s writing room pitching jokes for a Latino actor based on what his grandfather told him about West Side StoryMás Mejor promises “more stories, more better.” Seriously, that’s the platform’s tagline.

How are they going to do that exactly? By uploading weekly content that includes topical sketches, political satire, and original web videos that refrain from pandering to Latinos (take a cue Hillary) but are instead reflective of the creator’s own experience. Does that include sketches in Spanish? Yes, it does. Oh, and did I mention that the talent is led by Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz? (Armisen’s mother is Venezuelan and Sanz was born in Chile.) Killer, I know.

In addition to the former SNL alums, as of launch, the Más Mejor team is comprised of 26 Latinos, including refreshingly odd ducks like Julio Torres and Melissa Villaseñor. Mexico City’s What a Bear Productions and Lemon Films (Casa de mi Padre) are producing and talent sourcing partners while NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, POPSUGAR Latina, and Batanga Media are distribution partners. The content will also be available on their website and YouTube channel.