Film In California Conference | "Vida" Premieres next Month!

Posted by on April 14, 2018

Saturday, May 5th L.A. Center Studios 10 am–6 pm

Don’t miss the only conference held exclusively to promote & celebrate filming in California!  The program will open with keynote speaker, award-winning actor Courtney B. Vance. Panels will include: “The Making of the Amazon Series, Bosch” with moderator (KCRW’s) Elvis Mitchell,  bestselling author/executive producer Michael Connelly and Titus Welliver, who so skillfully portrays the iconic Harry Bosch.  Other panels will include “Women Behind the Scenes,” “Film Festivals–A Primer” and “The Magic of VFX.” The event will conclude with the presentation of the California Golden Slate Award to NCIS Executive Producer, Mark Horowitz.  

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A neighborhood’s heart, a family’s past, an American tapestry, and a rich, colorful mix of love, tension, and strength meet in “Vida,”created by Tanya Saracho (“How to Get Away with Murder,”“Looking”). Set in a vibrant and changing area of the Eastside of Los Angeles, this of-the-moment half-hour STARZ Original Seriestakes place amongst a Latinx community, where LGBTQ and gender-neutral, -fluid, and empowered voices resonate with pride.

Saracho says “Vida”“is a show about family and coming home. It involves ‘Latinx,’ which is an inclusive term that doesn’t use gender as a description. Because Spanish is very gendered –and, usually,patriarchal –the term ‘Latino’ is usually used. But now, the term that many in the brown LGBTQ community prefer is ‘Latinx,’ because that includes all genders.”

“Starz had approached me with the idea of a show that encompassed lots of ideas, including ‘gente-fication’ and ‘chipsters,’” says Saracho of “Vida’s”origins. “I had heard of the latter –it means Chicano hipster –but I hadn’t known aboutgente-fication, which is gentrification of a marginalized community by people who are in that same community. Here, it’s of a Latinx space by other Latinx. And that notion, those issues, really interested me. Then we anchored it to a story of two millennial sisters trying to figure things out in our current political climate. In a way, what’s happening to the neighborhood in ‘Vida’is what’s happening to us right now in the United States.”

Statement courtesy of STARZ