Posted by on May 14, 2018

NALIP is excited to announce we will be having an Emerging Content Creators workshop at the 2018 Media Summit on Thursday, June 21, 2018!

The Emerging Content Creators workshop will be a two-hour workshop designed to guide students and recent graduates into the film and television industry.

The workshop is intended to be an informative step by step guide for content creators to successfully transition into the industry. Top industry professionals will share their insights and experience, along with some of their biggest challenges. Following the discussion, attendees will be placed into groups with selected industry professionals, where they will be able to ask questions and gain a more intimate mentorship. 

Send in your resume and samples to  [email protected] for opportunity to join. Applicants will be able to attend a curated schedule at the 2018 Media Summit. For more information on this workshop or other sessions, visit www.nalipmediasummit.com