NALIP’s Diverse Women in Media Initiative (DWIMI) seeks to empower, inspire and advance women of diverse backgrounds to influential positions in media to improve diverse representation on and behind the camera.

Diverse Women in Media Initiative

The Diverse Women in Media Initiative (DWIMI) was created to empower, advocate, and advance the careers of women of diverse backgrounds in the screen industries. NALIP believes in the need to have more women in influential positions in order to continue to advance film culture towards better representation both on and behind the camera.

Our team looks for as many opportunities to continue to move towards an industry that is void of gender disparity. NALIP commits to this vision in all of our programming.

The NALIP Media Summit often presents workshops,conversations, and events dedicated to the Diverse Women in Media Initiative.  Our 2019 Summit had our first ever Digital Trailblazer Award given to the women of Pero Like’s Team: Alexis Tirado, Alexis Garcia, Stephanie Lorenzo, Claudia Restrepo, and Jenny Lorenzo.

NALIP not only works to keep the industry accountable but ensures that its own team can boast diverse women leaders who find their voice and grow during their time spent on our staff.


2020 Diverse Women In Media Forum

Mentorship Section

Mentorship Section

The 2020 Diverse Women in Media Forum hosted an exclusive mentorship session for creatives and industry professionals to network and build relationships with decision-makers.


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