Call for Entries: Viewfinder Latin America

Viewfinder Latin America - Fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.

Latin America's burgeoning economic footprint, together with its political, cultural and environmental profile, has raised its status to new heights. Across the continent there is a certain sense of shared identity and cultural heritage. 

Nearly every nation was, at one time, an extension of a colonial power. But today they have transitioned to their own unique identity and are each forced to live with a legacy of their own making. Many of these countries are awash in natural resources and rich with indigenous diversity and emerging voices.

As Al Jazeera expands its coverage of the region, it is critical to develop an on-going relationship with regionally based filmmakers. For our audience we strive to connect stories with the best possible storytellers. For Latin America, there is an increasingly intense spotlight on how successfully these vibrant nations will navigate their near future.

Al Jazeera's documentary series Viewfinder is a unique, long-term project showcasing independent filmmaking talent from around the globe. These films focus on the power of storytelling to provide a deeper insight into the impact of global events on local communities. These are stories brought to you through the experiences of those on the front lines of a rapidly changing world.

Our Open Call site-Deadline April 30, 2014

Viewfinder endeavours to do what no other broadcaster has done before: develop regionally based filmmaking talent and bring those new perspectives to a worldwide audience. It speaks to the vitality and energy of local voices reaching a global audience.

Our 2014 season of films speaks to cultural, economic, environmental and social change across this rich, vast domain.