Aida Rodriguez Announces Call to Action to Fellow Comedians Anjelah Johnson and Cristela Alonzo Ahead of her Latest Comedy Special ‘Entre Nos’

Posted by on April 01, 2018

Aida Rodriguez is raw and unapologetic and that’s why audiences can’t get enough of her. The Puerto Rican stunner returns tonight for the third installment of the popular HBO Latino comedy special “Entre Nos” at 9:30 p.m. alongside fellow comedians Orlando Leyba and Eric Blake for a night of English-language hilarity.

We caught up with the “Last Comic Standing” finalist this week to find out what fans can expect to see, while trying to contain our laughter long enough to get you all the details. She also announces a special call to action to fellow comedians to help mentor other Latinas with an interest in comedy.

We love you because you are so raw! What can we expect from the comedy special that we didn’t hear in the first two?

What you can expect to hear is some new jokes but the same Aida. I come out shooting! Come on now, everyone knows Latinos are hilarious. We’re fearless, we’re funny and we say it with no shame. No tenemos pelos en la lengua. So what fans can expect to see is that I am still who I am and that nothing, not Hollywood or nothing around me, will ever change me. Nothing can water me down or take away my passion for my people and for telling our stories.

We agree that Latinas are funny yet we don’t see a lot of them on stage doing what you do. There’s also a lack of funny Latinas represented in film or television. Why is that?

That’s absolutely the truth. There are currently four female national headliners right now and that’s sad. When I did ‘Last Comic Standing,’ I was the only Latina in the top 28, then I made it to the finals then the semi-finals. I was definitely the only Latin person in the finals.

It is my job, and the jobs of other Latinas, and I call them to action to inspire other Latinas. We are at the bottom of the totem pole here. We are the smallest in numbers and we get paid the least. So we have to create those opportunities and create an army. The problem sometimes with comedy is that we get really scared or jealous if others find success. So when we find success we try to hoard it and don’t create opportunities for those that come after us. But we have to create legacies because we are not going to be here forever.

So what do you suggest as a solution?

You can be a comedian until your 70’s like George Carlin and that’s fine but even he infected others with the virus of comedy and created a way for them. We as Latinos and brown people have to do the same for each other. That’s how we can change things.

I want to call Anjelah Johnson, Cristela Alonzo, Gina Brillon, into action. Let’s do workshops for young Latinas in these hard communities where they don’t have a way out. We can offer stand-up comedy as a possible vehicle to get out of a bad situation because it can be a lucrative career once you reach a certain level.