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  • commented on Submit your work 2015-05-07 10:01:50 -0700
    Here is a link to a short film that I wrote, produced, directed, cut, and scored myself: LOST WEEKEND.

    I wanted to make a 70’s style horror film combined with the type of movies made by Amblin in the 80’s (namely, THE GOONIES). I also wanted to portray Mexican-American teenagers as I know them to be, which was executed primarily through the use of language (Spanglish). We shot in Nogales, AZ in only two nights and with an all local cast.
    I am a Mexican-American myself, and proud of it. This film represents my first step toward defining what I feel can be an aesthetic for a new generation of Latino/a filmgoers.

    Thank you for your time, and please enjoy LOST WEEKEND