9 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers


BY CALEB WARD @ PremiumBeat.com

Subscribing to these YouTube channels for filmmakers is like going to film school for free!

Aside from simply going out and creating a film, one of the best ways you can get better as a filmmaker is to simply watch YouTube tutorials about the craft. From pre-production to exporting, these 9 YouTube channels are a fantastic resource for you to take yourfilmmaking skills to the next level. If you know of any other awesome channels, we’d love to hear about the in the comments below. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and subscribe to all these channels. These truly are great YouTube channels for filmmakers.


1. Film Riot

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Film Riot

Perfect for Indie Filmmakers

What’s not to love about Film Riot? With a fantastic mixture of comedy and informative information, Film Riot is hands down the best filmmaking channel on YouTube. Every Film Riot tutorial features helpful tips and tricks for you, the filmmaker. Plus the host, Ryan Connolly, is a great filmmaker with a proven track record, so you know you’re learning from a credible source.

Notable Episode: $10 DIY Camera Slider!


 2. Filmmaker IQ

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Filmmaker IQ

Perfect for Filmmaking Nerds

Filmmaker IQ is a YouTube channel (and site) dedicated to helping filmmakers learn the craft of filmmaking on a fundamental level. Unlike other filmmaking channels, Filmmaker IQputs film techniques in the context of film history as a whole. You won’t just learn how to record sound, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how sound waves work and how they hit a microphone. If you’re looking for an extremely well-rounded filmmaking education,Filmmaker IQ is for you.

Notable Episode: The History of Frame Rate for Film


 3. Dave Dugdale

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Dave Dugdale

Perfect for Gear Lovers

Dave Dugdale’s YouTube channel is unique because he takes the stance of a curious filmmaker that is learning at the same time he is teaching you. Through his humble attitude towards equipment, he shares his experience with cameras, equipment, and software. Most of Dave’s videos focus around highly specific comparisons and tests, which makes his channelfantastic for gear lovers.

Notable Episode: Black Magic Pocket Camera Review Compared To DSLR and Red Epic


 4. Neumann Films

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Neumann Films

Perfect for Cinematographers

The Neumann Films YouTube channel gets instant credibility with their fantastic cinematic image quality. Their videos tell you exactly how they get their incredibly cinematic shots and effects. Specifically, Neumann Films takes a focus on color grading and frame rates. If you’re serious about quality than Neumann Films is a great resource. Not all of their videos are free — but if you don’t mind spending a few dollars, the paid content is definitely worth it.

Notable Episode: Sony FS700 – Epic Slow Mo


 5. Tom Antos

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Tom Antos

Perfect for Indie Filmmakers

While it’s hard to say what exactly is the central theme of Tom Antos’s YouTube page, the channel is full of helpful tutorials and tricks designed to help filmmakers master their craft. From gear reviews to lighting tutorials, you can learn it all. It’s especially interesting to seeTom’s own personal films mixed into the videos.

Notable Episode: Ultimate GH4 kit and Lenses for Video


 6. Indy Mogul (RIP)

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Indy Mogul

Perfect for Indie Filmmakers

About one year ago, Indie Mogul came to a startling end when the producers couldn’t work out the finances of the channel. However, despite the fact that new content isn’t updated, there is still over 1,200 tutorials dedicated to helping you become a better filmmaker. Seriously, if you have a question? It’s probably already been answered on Indie Mogul!

Notable Episode: Slit Throat Effect: DIY Tutorial


 7. Philip Bloom

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Phillip Bloom

Perfect for Travel Filmmakers

Philip Bloom is probably the biggest indie-filmmaking celebrity in the world and for a good reason. With killer reviews, cinematic quality videos, and a sense of style that would fit the cover of GQ magazine, Philip Bloom brings us helpful tutorials and he has the skills to back it up. In addition to his YouTube channel, his site is also a great place to find helpful articles and resources. Philip cruises the world looking for awesome things to video, review, and test, which makes his channel a great source of inspiration as well.

Notable Episode: Now I See (A7S Test)


 8. Every Frame a Painting

YouTube Channels for Filmmakers: Every Frame a Painting

Perfect for Directors

Filmmaking is an art form, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. While it may seem like creativity in Hollywood is dead, Every Frame a Painting shows us that behind every shot is a deeper meaning that’s helping the story progress. Every Frame a Painting helps filmmakers think about film on a deeper level.

Notable Episode: Edgar Wright – How to Do Visual Comedy


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