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  • published Partner Rate Redirect in Latino Lens Showcase 2016 2016-10-30 07:52:10 -0700

  • answered 2016-10-28 18:20:47 -0700
    Q: Do you have any additional comments about the 2016 Latino Lens Festival & Showcase?
    A: No

  • answered 2015-06-28 21:28:48 -0700
    Q: Plan on coming again?
    A: Yes

    Your Thoughts on NALIP Media Summit 2015

    Thank you for attending the NALIP Media Summit 2015 Creating #2morrow2gether. Please take a few moments to answer these short questions. Your response is very important to us in our sustained effort to promote, advance and advocate for Latino content creators in media. 

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  • published Ben Lopez in Latino Media Resource Project 2014-09-02 11:37:09 -0700

    Ben Lopez

    Prior to joining NALIP, Ben successfully managed leadership development and social services programs in Southern AZ. He transitioned to filmmaking by building a solid track record as a unit production manager, production supervisor and independent producer. At VientoFuego Productions he wrote, produced and directed several Spanish language feature films currently being broadcast. Ben has worked as an international field producer at premier technology expos in Asia, commercial productions in Mexico and most recently at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

    Ben’s expertise has made him highly sought after as a consultant, content creator and project manager. After serving as key support staff at NALIP's signature programs; Latino Producers Academy and the NALIP Media Summit (formerly the National Conference), Ben was brought on to manage and strengthen its Latino Media Market, a meeting series that matches Latino content creators with executives and funding opportunities.

    He is a graduate in Political Science and Latin American Studies from the University in Arizona.