2018 NALIP Media Summit Official Selection

Posted by on February 15, 2018



The NALIP Official Selection is a unique showcase of short form content screened on June 23rd at the NALIP Media Summit (June 21-24, 2018). Together, these works feature a variety of subjects, voices and viewpoints that attest to the rich and talented diversity of the LatinX community. A winner from the selection will be announced at the Opening Night Launch Screening of the NALIP Media Summit.



The NALIP Media Summit is a 4-day event focused on bringing Latinos in media together and providing them the tools, information, and networking opportunities that will propel them in advancing their careers in the industry. 

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The 2018 NALIP Media Summit serves to celebrate the convergence of media and the inclusion of Latinos as one within the general market. As the industry shifts, NALIP strives to examine and explain how Latino content creators can be proactive. We hope to continue pushing Latinos within the industry by giving them the right tools, the most up-to-date knowledge and connecting them with industry professionals. Most importantly we seek to have more Latinos both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to broaden the stories told through media.

  • Short narrative and documentary films must be less than 20 minutes.   

  • Television Pilot must be 25 minutes or less.  

  • Digital web series must be under 10 minutes. 

  • MUST BE World, West Coast, or Los Angeles Premiere. 

  • Any feature films that have had public or festival screenings in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, and films that have had commercial theatrical, television, or internet play in the US are ineligible. 

  • Must feature Latino/a talent on or behind the camera in leading roles, and/or focus on issues that pertain to the Latino/a community 

  • Projects in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for consideration and presentation.     

  • The project must have been completed after September 2016. 

  • Must be a COMPLETED filmed project in order to be considered.

  • *No Script submissions please* 

  • You may submit more than one project.

Screening Requirements: If your project is selected for exhibition, please be advised of following requirements: 

  • MUST be able to ATTEND the NALIP Media Summit in Hollywood, CA (June 21-24th)  
  • DCP (must be DCI compliant)

  • Digital press kits with photo stills (color and black/white)

  • Headshots of director(s) and writer(s)

  • One sentence publicity synopsis of film; 150 word synopsis of film.

  • Trailers, clip reels, posters, and EPKs (if available) to maximize exposure for your film

  • Films must be submitted as an online streaming video via Filmfreeway, and be a password-protected streaming URL.


QUESTIONS? – Email [email protected] Contact NALIP at (310) 470-1061

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