The CPB, WORLD Channel, and NALIP Beyond Graduation Digital Video Project RFP Will Award Five Grants to Create Digital Video Shorts.

Applications are now closed.

The NALIP WORLD Channel Beyond Graduation Digital Video Project is a competitive open call for content creators to submit RFP (Request for Proposals) for digital video.

NALIP will be accepting RFPs for:

Three (3) Documentary Shorts (non-fiction/un-scripted)

and Two (2) Dramatic Shorts (fiction/scripted)

In 2017, a high school education is a must. The content created underlines this with stories about why there are high dropout rates in diverse populations and how individuals are overcoming barriers to complete their secondary education. Educators, parents, and journalists stress to students, through mentorship and good teaching that getting a high school diploma is critically important.

But, we rarely see stories about how students move on beyond high school. What's out there for them after graduation? Should they join the workforce or go to college – and are those or other choices even available to them? How can communities support their young people as they start out in the world?


The final five (5) selected proposals will receive a grant to produce the digital video short or short series for distribution via World Channel. Selected producers will work with NALIP and WORLD Channel throughout the development, pre and post production processes, all working towards a WORLD Channel premiere airdate in the fall of 2018.

A budget should be reflected within each proposal outline, while exploring an innovative concept surrounding the Beyond Graduation theme and adhering to WORLD Channel's public media provided guidelines.

NALIP and WORLD requests the following application materials for consideration:

• Submission form and worksample

• Concept proposal (including how concept is appropriate for public media)

• Budget outline

• Production timeline

• Pay a $45 non-refundable processing fee. If you are a current Media Maker Basic member or higher prior to Oct 1st, 2017 then your application fee is waived. (Pay Here)

Selected producers will be notified by February.

Funding for the NALIP/WORLD Beyond Graduation digital video project will be provided by CPB. CPB launched the American Graduate: Beyond Graduation as a response to the dropout crisis in which nearly one million children fail to graduate with their peers each year. Since 2011, more than 80 public media stations and national content producers have played a significant role in increasing awareness of the issue and inspiring caring adults to get involved. American Graduate public media stations have and will work with their local communities to develop long term solutions in early childhood education; focus on where graduation gaps exist for students of different races, ethnicities, family incomes, and disabilities, as well as those with limited English proficiency; and celebrate local leaders and everyday heroes who are committed to improving outcomes for youth as “American Graduate Champions.” More information about the initiative is available at

WORLD is a 24/7 national multicast channel that features dynamic documentary and news programming from across the country and around the world. WORLD offers the best of public television’s nonfiction programming from respected, award-winning journalists as well as original content from emerging producers. WORLD offers a second home to FRONTLINE, NOVA, American Experience, Nature, P.O.V., PBS NewsHour, Independent Lens, Tavis Smiley, Washington Week, and other PBS news shows. WORLD also features multicultural producers and work that is by, about, and for communities of difference, including race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender and abilities. WORLD aims to appeal to public television viewers interested in new voices, emerging technology and social media.

RFP Review and Selection:
Proposals will be reviewed by NALIP, WORLD, and CPB staff. Final decisions will be made by CPB in consultation with NALIP and WORLD. Successful applicants will be required to sign a binding agreement with CPB who will administer the agreement. NALIP and WORLD will provide all development and production assistance.

Additional Requirements:

Proof of Payment receipt and Membership verification as a PDF.
Applicant will recognize CPB funding support by including a CPB Beyond Graduation logo (in accordance with CPB standards and approval) on content.

Produced content will be made available online via a third party player, such as or, for embedding on

If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected]


Conditions and Conditions of Agreement.
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Read FAQs


Have you gathered the following information?

1. Brief Bio
Provide a brief bio summarizing your media experience. (150 Words or less)

2. Short Video Proposal
What is your short digital video concept proposal?
Please provide an innovative concept surrounding the Beyond Graduation theme, while adhering to WORLD’s public media provided guidelines. (Include a script, if applying for the scripted short).

3. Work Sample
Please provide links to your prior work. We prefer links via Vimeo or YouTube. If you are sending us a private link, be sure to include the password.

4. Budget Outline
Please provide a budget outline and describe in detail how the $20K grant will be spent.
Note: The final grant total will be $20K, however for contingency purposes please outline your budget for $15K.

5. Production Timeline
Please provide a detailed production timeline.

6. Production Team
Can you list the key members of your production team and their responsibilities?

7. Proposed Partnership
List any other partnerships associated with proposed digital video short? (Outreach, Social Media, Local Community Groups or Organizations)

8. Public Media Experience
Have you ever been awarded a public media grant? If so, please list the name of the project(s), level of support and the year awarded.

Pay application fee HERE

If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected]