YouTube channel tool to boost video subscribers


                                                                                                             Image credit: AFP/Getty

If you’ve been producing high quality YouTube videos on your channel and no one seems to notice, it might be time to check out international online content promoter BuzzMyVideo’s newest tool, Buzzscorecard.

The tool looks at both your channel’s video content and overall look and feel and determines what you need to do to build an audience. The tool presents you with actionable items to help you build a subscriber base, increase views and generally make sure people actually want to view your videos.

The tool, like the rest of BuzzMyVideos, is available in four languages: Turkish, Russian, Italian and English. Throw in BuzzMyVideo‘s rights management service, monetization tools and cross-promotion opportunities with other users and it sounds better than just waiting for your friends to share your videos with their friends and praying something goes viral.

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