WORLD Channel Showcases NALIP Latino Lens Beyond Graduation Digital Shorts Incubators

Posted by on October 19, 2018

The World Channel and NALIP teamed up to create new voices for future Latinx filmmakers with Latino Lens Incubator: Beyond Graduation.

Latinos Lens program aims to incubate projects across all platforms; digital, documentary, narrative, TV, streaming, and tech. This year, the program called out forstories that represent the different pathways and narratives that people face once they graduate high school. 


The stories that emerged during the Beyond Graduation Incubator reflect upon the choices individuals have taken into the next of their lives. They reflect upon stories from the recently graduation still accessing the next steps in their journey to the lives of those who are reflecting upon choices that have long past them. These coming of age documentaries focus on the following questions, "Do you go to college?", "Do you join the workforce?", "Should you join the military?" 

The campaign focuses on inspiring young audiences of color to take on opportunities from now and beyond.

In Partnership with The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and World Channel, a total of five content creators were given a grant that allowed them to produce their films. These short films had an advance screening at Latino Media Fest 2018.

Three of the five projects have recently been distributed digitally by World Channel. 

10/8 - Dez Hernández

10/10 - Alan Domínguez

10/12 - Georgiana González

Directors Alan Domínguez, Dez Hernández, and Georgiana González produced their own documentary films that explore the stories of people who are in the midst of discovering their purpose in ther post-High School lives. Georgina González’s Passion Drives Us follows a girl who wants to do theater, but often doubts her talent. Alan Domínguez’s Turns in the Road follows his previous students’ journey and reveal their unique obstacles. Dez Hernández’s The Service Gap focuses on a program called Leap Year which offers an extra year of High School to help students prepare for college.

If you are interested in finding out more about these content creators and the journies in creating these documentaries, you can find WORLD's information about the documentaries by clicking on the following link: