Q: Is the Incubator only open to Latinx filmmakers?

A: The Incubator is open to all women of color.


Q: If selected, will NALIP or NETFLIX retain the IP rights to my project?

A: No, filmmakers retain all IP rights over their material.  Neither NALIP nor NETFLIX will claim any such rights over screenplays, short films, or other IP which results from the Incubator.


Q: What is the amount allotted to each selected project in production funds?

A: A $25,000 production grant will be awarded to each project.


Q: Do you have to be a NALIP member to apply?

A: A valid NALIP membership with a cost of $70 is required in lieu of an entry fee. Become a Member


Q: Can the Membership fees be waived?

A: Yes, we provide economic support for those in need. You can reach out to us at: [email protected]


Q: What level of filmmaking experience are you looking for in candidates?

A: Most applicants have at least one narrative short film credit.  


Q: Can I submit as a co-writer?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I apply with another person’s screenplay?

A: Yes, as long as you have the rights to the material.


Q: When will I need to be available for the Incubator if selected?

A: The incubator will require a substantial time commitment for development, production, and post-production from May to October.


Q: What should I include in the pitch deck I’ll be submitting with my project?

A: Pitch decks or lookbooks will usually include your title, logline, synopsis, character descriptions, filmmaker/team bios, and a director’s statement, but its main purpose is to convey the look and feel of your film through a captivating selection of images, whether they’re film/tv-related or not.


Q: Is there a certain amount of crew I’m required to have assembled for my project when I apply?

A: Almost all projects apply with at least a Producer attached, and many with other basic department heads (Cinematographer, Production Designer, Editor). Having an experienced team is a factor in the selection process, but not a prerequisite. We have selected less experienced filmmakers in the past and even helped them find crew members.


Q: Who should I have write my letter of recommendation? 

A: We recommend an industry veteran with recent IMDB-verified television, film and or digital web series credits, an industry-based or arts-oriented organization (such as Sundance, Film Independent, IFP, Outfest, New Filmmakers, Tribeca, PGA, DGA, WGA, FICG in LA, Walter Kaitz, Women in Film, NHMC, IDA, etc...), a network, studio, MFA program, talent agency or management company.


Q: Do you accept late submissions? 

A: No. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the submission and evaluation process, all submissions MUST be received by the deadline date.


Q: What is the preferred genre? 

A: All genre submissions are considered. We want to develop and amplify your specific vision.


Q: Are non-English language entries allowed? 

A: Yes! However, materials should be translated and submitted in English. Make sure to highlight the areas that are meant to be in a non-English language. 


Q: Can I apply if I live abroad? 

A: Currently you must live in the United States to participate in the incubators.  


Q: How does the selection process work? 

A: Three rounds of evaluations will be conducted by a selection of qualified industry professionals. The identity of these committee members will remain anonymous. As you pass to a new round, we may require more information from you.


Q: What happens if my submission is not accepted? 

A: NALIP reserves the right to exclude any submission that it believes, in its sole discretion, doesn’t meet the required criteria, or for any other reason at NALIP’s reasonable discretion.


Q: Could you provide feedback on why my project was not selected?

A: Unfortunately, NALIP cannot offer personalized feedback or legal advice. We view far more worthy applicants than we are able to include in our yearly incubators, so please don’t be discouraged and know that we will keep creating new incubators and programs at Latino Lens™! 


Q: Can I reapply with a project I submitted last year?

A: Yes, applicants are welcome to reapply with an updated version of a previously submitted project.


Q: Will any in-person screenings or online distribution of my work by NALIP/NETFLIX affect my world premiere status at any festivals I apply to, or interfere with my own distribution strategy?

A: No, our showcase screening is considered a private event and will not be taken into consideration by any festivals. We do eventually make the shorts available online, but only after they've completed their festival/distribution run.


Q: Could the final project be disqualified? 

A: Yes. Final projects may be subject to disqualification if NALIP reasonably believes there is third party content – not owned by the content creator – that may be the subject of copyright protection or for any other reason at Sponsor’s reasonable discretion. Content that may not be used without prior permission includes, but is not limited to photographic images downloaded from public sources; drawing or images; music of any kind that is not in the public domain (i.e., any music produced after 1926); and voice-over material. Contestant is solely responsible for securing permission to use any copyrighted material and may be required, upon request, to submit proof of ownership or license to NALIP. NALIP reserves the right to suspend or disqualify a candidate at any point of the incubation process.


Any more questions can be directed to [email protected]



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